Vegan or vegetarian in Greece? Here’s your survival guide

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Travelling on a special diet can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to miss out any local flavours.

Being vegan in Athens you have nothing to worry about!
Greece is the epicentre of Mediterranean cuisine and offers an abundance of fresh, wholesome local produce to tantalise your taste buds!

Vegan restaurants in Athens spring up like mushrooms lately, advancing our capital to the top 10 of the “Cities with the most vegan options worldwide” – according to Forbes.

There’s a whole list of Greek vegan food to order at a Greek restaurant, from plant-based classics, like dolmadakia and gemista, to Greek classic recipes with a twist, like vegan souvlaki and vegan moussaka.

Read our full article: and find out where to find the best vegan restaurants in Athens to enjoy a flavourful local plant-based meal.

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Uncle Lou's Kitchen says:

My trip to Athens back when I was vegetarian was incredible, the options were so easily accessible, one thing I noticed was the Greek in general (despite being a very meaty country) were very kind to the stray animals on the streets, I love that there are more vegan options nowadays. Keep promoting the cause!

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