Vegetarian "English" Breakfast

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firefoxsteve says:

english breakfast what the f++k is she on about we british like proper food not this yank sh+t the sausages look like turds

tommo390 says:

what kind of breakfast is this? theres nothing english about it?

sheatheman says:

tight preparation music!!

Melissa Morgan says:

whats with the english "breafast tea" its just a teabag, hotwater and milk, a cup of tea its know as

alex10708 says:

cant have full english with out black pudding

TheVittleVlog says:

Nice video, recipe looks good!

Boboua says:

I tried this…not as good as teh regular meaty junky stuff. Fat and artery clogging with all the bacon and processed sausages but so delicious! Gotta have one once in a few months!

ShroudedFury says:

They have tea called English Breakfast Tea?

I'm British and to us it's just tea bags with milk and sugar in hot water lol.

funkophone says:

Mmm, this looks right some tasty!

animallover4444 says:

thanks for sharing =)

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