£2000 Cheap Sports Car Challenge! *NO MX5s*

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It’s time for another cheap classics challenge! This time it’s Jeff vs Joe and the boys have £2000 to buy a Japanese roadster that’s not a Mazda MX-5 – what will they come up with…?
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– Music –
• Josh Lippi & The Overtimers – Royale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZcgkvJQdbo
• MK2 – Funk Down (Sting): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-SLwi96_8M
• Otis McDonald – Left U Into (Sting): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_qUDnpD2Es
• Jingle Punks – Timed Out (Sting): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0M_2rZpTyA

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Auto Eclectic says:

Right, I’m off to EBay AGAIN, after watching a video of yours.

Garry McGovern says:

Did you SERIOUSLY just call the front boot a 'frunk'????????????? 😡

bigE ProDuctiOns says:

My old del sol!!! Hey it's Steve! Love the videos guys

Dino Riyami says:

I knew it,…first car mr2…brilliant.. i’ve got one in red, 2004 model Lowered, sports exhaust , slightly modded ,it’s the absolute nuts

Rob SX says:

Almost bought a CRX in 1990 but last minute changed my mind mainly due to the sunroof knocking on the roof when open on test drive and bought a MK1 MR2. Best decision ever kept it 6 years fantastic car even if I did get wet right shoulder in heavy rain Now have a Rev3 MK2. look forward to next video.

Dad says:

30fps isnt enough..,

William Egler says:

In the United States either one of these vehicles would have "FAN BOYS" salivating…
They would be throwing handfuls of $100.00 bills at the seller to possess them.

gosportjamie says:

I suspect Jeff's one of those people who's going to turn up to a £2k challenge in a 5 grand vehicle and say "well, what's a few grand between friends…"

Steve Rawlins says:

Who'd want a Toyota Missus?

KO GOAT says:

If theirs a drag race the mr2 will take it

Kody Dagley says:

Ooo, tough one! I do like the MR2, but that Del Sol is quite fetching, especially in that color!!!

Chiselchinjim says:

Had an mid-ship runabout for 3 months was a minter with 58000ish miles. Was a 2003 car with fog lights and the better rear headlight design. Did away with the pre-cats put a 4 branch manifold on and had the tte twin exhaust boy did it sound nice. Noticed your MR2 suffers from the dog ear issue with the top in the down position, very rare to get the strap that goes from one end between the two layers of the roof to clip into place on both ends. I suffer from acute OCD so you probably didn't notice anything out of place :¬). The del sol very nice alternative only thing is looks even more girly than the mr2 or maybe I'm biased. MR2 wins I'm afraid.

Feel The Drive says:

Gonna be sad every time a Z3 doesn't make it into a challenge 😂 but great video, really enjoyed you all slating each other's cars 😂

paul taylor says:

Lovely Jubbly, looking forward to this.

Ben Holroyd says:

Am I the only one to assume this was a Car Throttle Vid based on the thumbnail and no MX5 rule?

mattpink74 says:

Disappointing lack of 3 spoke wheels on either car…

Paul Thompson says:

This'll be rather interesting, not that I'm biased or anything, but I can't see the Honda getting one over the Toyota in any category, unless it's which is the most rusty 😂😂😂.

Charlie Johnson says:

Fair play to Jeff, for out of the box thinking.

Classics World says:

Whose chose best, Joe or Jeff?

Shay Devlin says:

Suzuki cappuccino or Daihatsu copen

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