Mexican Street Food: Buying A Massive Vegetarian Wrap from "Cantina El Burrito" in Reading Market.

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✓ We were visiting Reading Town and came across this wonderful burrito stall.

What we had was the appropriately named “The Beast” which uses a 12 inch flour tortilla flatbread and had the following filling options:

* Rice.
* Mexican Beans.
* Guacamole.
* Sour Cream.
* Cheese.
* Salsa.
* Coriander.
* Hot Jalapeno Peppers.
* Lettuce.
* Red Cabbage.
* Tomato.
* Cucumber.
* Chipotle Sauce.
* Sour Cream.

Here’s links to their various social media:
Facebook name: @cantinaelburrito
or Twitter: @burritostall

or you can call them on: 07806 200936

Many thanks to Callum and all of the team who welcomed us and graciously allowed us a privileged glimpse into their kitchen to watch the “wrapping” action.

They are located in Reading’s Friday street food market, organised by CHOW

In case your wondering; the tortilla is very similar to an Indian Roti or Chapati.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

(Video recorded on Friday 14th October 2016).


Ram Narayanan says:

What is the beast in it?

Vijay Nestle says:

Your husband is a yours friend, nice man

Bhavin Barbhaya says:

It feels wholesome ! 😀

Bawse Life says:

One way to wrap a Burrito

Alex Milne says:

A local business that puts time and effort into their food will always give excellent service and family values, you don’t get that in chains, so support your local businesses

Anna K. says:

This guy lived in Mexico? And he's serving burritos with plain white rice, and cucumbers and cabbage as toppings? Okay.

Anshu Singh says:

Very clean work

piyush gaur says:

If somebody ask me what to fill,i say put all of them what required…….

piyush gaur says:

If somebody ask me what to fill,i say put all of them what required…….

Amandeep Singh says:

Delicious food 👍👍✌✌👌👌

Ashok Dhaduk says:

This couple is so gentle 🥰 big salute for this kind of service

Hardika Thakar says:

What is the name of the city?

Muhammad Ali says:

Mirip seperti Done dan Shawarma kebab

Sonia Maria Diaz Lopez says:

No cabe duda que la comida mexicana es famosa en todo el mundo viva

Ganesh Mudaliyar says:

I really love the way you greet people and at the end god bless you words really touches my heart….God bless you also and give all happiness

Nana Birdavde says:

I'm watching this video only and only for timepaas non of another business

Vikas Shrivastava says:

Veg is good

Miss Emma D says:

Just found you and subscribed.Loving your videos so much.Delicious food! I watch your videos whilst I eat my dinner 😀👍🏼

Hello hello says:

Chicken or kitchen????

Vor Tex says:

if this guy lived in mexico, then im the prime minister of china…

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