I Bought A Rover 600! Collecting my 1999 623GSi

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Phil spent a late night browsing the classifieds and stumbled upon a very late example of an increasingly rare British classic. He loved it and before we knew it, there was another addition to the fleet…
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Timbre says:

Lovely video and nice combo these two presenters, they work together well and that atmosphere makes it all the better to watch.

Eddie Le mesurier says:

I had a m plate 600 poor man spec in 2004 it had rust holes .not great on petrol either

Mark's Cars says:

The nostalgia is strong with this one. My late father had a ‘94 M plate 623Si which I drove occasionally. That Honda engine was lovely, made a good noise too IIRC. His was a manual and had been breathed upon so went well. It died due to a cracked head. Yeah, rare for a Honda engine but as I said, it had been breathed upon…

leafyboy68 says:

Had a brand new 600 Ti in BRG it was a beautiful rapid car. Owned it for a year ,traded it in at Rover to downsize to a 25 was later told the gearbox totally failed after a few miles of me trading it in 😇

The Greek Mancunian says:

Good morning from Mcr. You brought me back to memory lane. I was a student when the 600s were hot wheels, and I use to ow a Nokia 3310. I always wanted to ow a Rover but now cause the company got bust, its harder to get parts.

Brent Fairlie says:

They were a better car,for having the RELIABLE Honda engine. Nice colour.

Mark Frankham says:

Nothing like a 960 Volvo 🙄

Neil Mark says:

Put some Vitesse alloys on and it will look great!

Hardy Bunster says:

Was the 200bhp 620TI not the top of the range?

stephen westley says:

Lovely car i bought my r reg 623 gsi for 400 in Feb 2020 keep an eye on the window regulator & if you do the Campbelt/belts the crank pully nut can be a pig to undo

Paul Illingworth says:

Had x2 600s first one relatively new, the next one wasn’t too old I had it a bulk of its life until it reached 21 years old last when I finally decided to sell, the 600 both of mine never ever missed a beat and never let me down, I towed several times a year and nothing ever broke on it, it was sadly starting to decay underneath, wheel arches always rot there. The interior wears very well on them too.

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

Love the 620 ti too.

Keith A Tate says:

Great video and a great car too I own a 1999 620SLI not only is it my daily driver I also take it to classic car shows

MarcusTDM says:

The Rover 600 was a damn good car. The GSI had lovely seats. The TI was definitely the best 600 though. Also I agree, the 600 was a far better looking car than the 75.

Ad0akes says:

1500 notes with a grand in the boot 😭

Youngtimersportugal varg11 says:

Probably one of the most reliable late rovers, but they are almost all gone

Steve Inczedi says:

Prior to watching this I was hoping for a Gilbern…..

Peter Nicholls says:

I adored that car when it came out

Dutch Uncle says:

Don’t know what they called it in the UK but in the Netherlands a Honda Accord was practically identical but a much better quality.

Jimmy N13 says:

Agree on Leatherhead, fuck all in the high st

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