Is My Toyota Avensis Really THAT Bad…? (1997 T220 2.0 CDX Driven)

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Jeff felt stitched up when Paul gave him a seemingly down at heel Toyota Avensis for our latest cheap car challenge, but might he have spoken too soon…?
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Uncle Gilbert says:

If people stopped worrying about impressing strangers and dick swinging over top speed, they'd realise these cars are superb. And remember, when you see someone in a brand new German barge they're more than likely skint and just renting it. People driving cars like this are more often than not doing very nicely indeed.

incognito96 says:

Had a later avensis, the best car i ever owned

Ruairi McCarthy says:

How ye can call this heap a Classic is beyond me

Simon Hodgetts says:

I think they’re ok – albeit a bit bland – however, so was its main rival, the Nissan Primera

Double Danny says:

Old doesn't equal Classic.

bryan says:

Banger nomics gold dust.
Do you spend £200 on refurbishing the wheels, £100 on discs and pads, £240 on quality tyres,£60 air con regas, £40 on brake fluid change,
It needs a new headlight (£30 if you can find one) and then the bodywork ,bottle of back to black £13 should sorry the trims.

Dean Cary says:

Just bought a reasonably old Toyota, with 175,000km on the clock. It's not the last word in style but Everything works. Including tge HVAC.
Definitely give yours some tlc. Get the tracking ans balancing done, do what you need to do with the brakes (might be disc warpage ir wear), re-gas the A/C and you've got a friend for life.

gosportjamie says:

The air conditioning will very likely come back to life if it's recharged. The A/C systems in this era of Toyota were very robust. The wandering and pulling to one side is almost certainly the tracking, these have a fairly complex suspension system and they do tend to get very wayward of the tracking is out. A set of decent tyres and getting the wheels balanced properly will make a huge amount of difference to how the car drives as these are quite fussy about what tyres they're run on…

luis luis says:

Good car, fix the aircon.

Flaming Hedgehog says:

It goes, It steers, It stops…. So do donkeys.
Like Tom Cruse I get up, I walk, I sit but that doesnt make me Tom Cruise.
Toyota Avensis is actually a good car as far as cars go, just has that given up on life thing going on tho.

Flaming Hedgehog says:

CW: Really THAT Bad…?
Me: Yes

konradc12 says:

I own a S reg 1.8 leanburn manual GLS version of that car. It was in fairly good state when I sold it 5½ years ago. It had a gearbox, radiator, complete exhaust and O2 sensor replaced. Wear and tear items like the clutch and brakes. The only things that had slight problem was the sunroof and the rear wiper which hada mind of it's own. Even the air-con worked. The fuel consumption was good too. I now drive a Mk3 1.8.

MrBeboopman says:

Had two.. loved them. 😍 they just worked without fail.

Phil Newstead says:

The thing about these sorts of cars is that they are built to provide sensibly priced cars for families and to those of us who are petrol heads they appear really boring and tend to get a bad press because they don't excite the motoring press in the same way a that a Golf GTi or a Civic type R might. Not everybody is interested in cars and simply need reasonably priced reliable cars and whilst personally find a lot of Toyota products quite boring there is no denying that they are excellent if a little uninteresting.

Shay Devlin says:

Joe’s Peugeot 205 1.8D Junior is on Gumtree for salvage due to an electrical fire

Gray Fool says:

We've owned three Toyotas, well, two and a Lexus, and all were utterly reliable. Not fun or particularly interesting but they never broke or let us down.

Gareth Hanna says:

It has all the charisma of a wet sock, but a well built and engineered wet sock.

AndrewMK says:

Motoring narcolepsy…

Brian Rocks says:

It's a Toyota, what is your issue??

Jonathan Frankel says:

My old Corolla of that vintage, the AC didn’t work, took it for a £60 re fill, and it was ice cold again. Amazing for a 20 year old car!

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