Rolls Royce Silver Shadow – The Best Car In The World (1979 Silver Shadow 2 Driven)

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A revolutionary car for Rolls Royce, the Silver Shadow lasted 15 years in production, before living on yet further in the Silver Spirit. Here’s why 55 years on, it still deserves its title of ‘Best Car In The World’…
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Lucky Jackson says:

Great presentation and restoration of your car thank you for sharing

John Techwriter says:

As a fan of British cars — in the ‘60s of my childhood my Canadian family owned Jaguars, Rovers, Austins and one amazing Humber — I am very pleased to know the legacy of recent-era Rolls-Royce cars is being carried forward by independent parts suppliers. I admit to being a motorhead and love cars from every part of the world. But to me, probably because of childhood memories, the hand-craftsmanship of British luxury sedans has set a standard of excellence that to my mind has never been equaled by anyone else.

Tony Lee says:

I must have watched this video dozens of times and never get tired of it.

Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt says:

600 hours …almost 3 months of work … Well done … You have a car and a half. I drove my first Rolls Royce, on Public Roads, at age 17, our family car. She was a true Rolls Royce, still with Merlin Engine. Sadly, today's Rolls Royce cars are soaped up BMW, a very fine car in its own right. You have a very fine car. Keep it up.

Andreas Lundell says:

Pretty far from the best car in the world, although one of the most luxurious of its time.

Christian O says:

My favourite shape Rolls Royce, such strong lines.

Jonathan Pardoe says:

For the proper car enthusiast today such as myself there is quite a dilema . People have become classic car admirers for different reasons and myself was the fact that cars today being digitaly controlled which means you cant fix them and in my case a beautiful 7 series BMW E38 had to be scrapped for the huge amount of electronic gremlins controlling everything . My choice of car led me to either a Rover Vitesse SD1 or a Humber Imperial. or a Rolls Royce Shadow , or the one that I went for , a Japanese low mileage Daimler Sovereign Series 3 V12 . ( I bought the Humber as well ! ) Nothing digital, only DIY freindly analogue and I simply cant imagine anything better than my Daimler V12 its utterly silent , more power than my old 7 series BMW could hope to deliver and people actualy think I have "arrived " . Cars give way for me at junctions simply because I am in a Daimler .

Suggestive Biscuits says:

Absolutely love big 70s saloons, for me i'd prefer a Daimler Double Six VDP but the Rolls is superb in its own right.

Rob falcon says:

It makes sense

Dg 27 says:

lovely had the old bentley mulsanne thanks for great video sir

peter chapman says:

stunning car always loved them been as a passenger many years ago, if i came into some money this would be the first thing i would go out and buy

Kenneth Wood says:

What a fantastic refurbishment!

btetschner says:

Thank you for the video.

Fast H Racing says:

That is a VERY nice example. My mother had two of them at the same time (don't ask) neither of them were anywhere as good as this one.

juana washington says:

just make sure if you buy one your best mate is a mechanic.

nomebear says:

My brother-in-law had Silver Shadow II that was a company car. He said there were no mechanical problems with the car whatsoever. But there were hard fast rules as to where to park it, as far away from other cars as possible, and in a well lit space. In the evening, when at a restaurant or hotel, the valets wanted it parked in front where it could be seen, also adding a level glamour to the establishment.

chris penn says:

A beautiful example. Modern cars have grown so much in size that the Shadow is no longer such a big car compared with the ubiquitous 4x4s.

chickenjo23 says:

Looking to buy one as I watch this video.

Diesel Burner says:

Good for daily driver? Found one under 10000

Paul Palmtree says:

Absolutely love the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow ll, especially when finished in Honey Gold.

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