Rolls Royce Silver Spirit – The Daily Driver Rolls Royce? (1997 Silver Spur Driven)

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After years of neglect, the Silver Spirit is now firmly into classic territory. With aftermarket support booming and numerous modern refinements, could it be the Rolls Royce you could drive every day?
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Raj Nirvan says:

This was the last of the best Rolls Royce models.

Richard Mahoney says:

Never realized how cool these cars are it’s just real old school luxury

orion khan says:

shut up and take my money !!

James James says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who says drive them and don’t store them.

Timothy Brown says:

"Drive them : for every pound of money you spend on petrol, you save two on maintenance". That is quite insightful. I have found that to be true, even with lesser cars. More owners should take note.

Muhtawaa • محتوى says:

I want one 💥

Hector Santiago says:

Classic Roller. Beautiful!

David T. Young says:

Anyone else getting Hayacinth Bucket vibes ?

peter chapman says:

i have never been sure on the square look of these, much prefer the Silver Shadow for styling but in both cases the maintenance costs are high, the purchase cost is reasonable but you need a healthy income!

Georg Forster says:

THE CAR WIZard says noooooo.

Ciaran Burke says:

Beautiful 😍 👌

ND 22 says:


S L says:

To anyone who has one…
I'm thinking of having a Spur or Spirit as a daily driver but don't have a big enough garage. Should I forget it? Obviously I'd keep it scrupulously clean and polished!

Satwant Dhillon says:

Good information

Satwant Dhillon says:

Going to buy a Rolls Royce Silver Sprit just check out

jeep guy says:

where is a good place to look for a good silver wraith II a a low price.

Erik S says:

Beautiful specimen! Perfect size. However, I prefer the quad headlights, two on eash side, rather than the duel flush headlight. Personal preference. 🙂

Robert Stone says:

I heard the Zytec mgmt. is not as well supported as the previous Bosch system, true?

Ruairidh MacVeigh says:

The Silver Spirit and Spur, and for that matter even the Silver Seraph, I've often felt are unfairly maligned because they're more boxy than the Silver Shadow or Silver Cloud that came before it, but truly they're still able and superbly built machines, and the later versions especially would make for very good daily drivers as long as they're regularly maintained. 🙂

Advance Last says:

I used to work at Jack Barclay workshop in Battersea. One of my jobs as a trainee mechanic was to rivet the Jack Barclay service plaque on the bulkhead….a practice that was eventually stopped as the bulkhead’s started to collapse through rust and rivet holes! 😅.

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