Rover 600 – The Japanese Rover (1999 623GSI Driven)

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The Rover 600 was released late in the Rover/Honda partnership, but sadly doomed to failure when faced with the Ford Mondeo and an unfortunate lack of input from Rover. But that doesn’t stop it being a charming modern classic, as Phil explains.
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Neil Earl says:

I had a Rover 600 automatic as a courtesy car and it was a delight to drive around Oxford.

Tom Wilde says:

I'm quite a fan, however I like the rear of the 600, I don't dislike the front, however prefer the accord front end.

Eamonn O'Toole says:

I always loved these back in the day and to my mind, it struck the perfect balance between "modern" and "old school" style & luxury. In this spec with the extended door veneers and fluted leather it's almost like a mini X300 XJ on the inside. The 75 (whilst indeed nice) always seemed like a theme bar and I never liked it as much as the 600. Great video and thanks for the trip down nostalgia lane 🙂

Mark Sterriker says:

A company I worked for had the rover ,and also a vectra that we used as pool cars ,and i always loved driving the rover over the vectra , obviously makes sense 😀 But I have to admit Until I watched this video I completely forgot about the rover even though I preferred driving it back then.

WEBspaghetti says:

The factory where I worked had one of these along with Cavalier, Mondeo and Citroën BX pool cars. I often had to go off site and was always happy when they gave me the Rover. It was so smooth and relaxing to drive. In comparison I hated the Mondeos. They felt like cheap taxis.

Maureen Walker says:

The mondeos is a piece of cheap looking tat compared to the 600, hence you don't see mondeos of that age now at all, engine and build not even close. nowhere near as smooth comfy ride quality.
You see a 600 they still look tidy at 25 plus years, if you do see a mondeo that age it looks like hell

Lifesloser says:

My memory of this is my nans funeral. Suffered as an average sized 14 year old in the back of somebodys new shaped 200 3 up then was grateful to make the return journey in my second uncles 600. Was almost equally as miserable in the back. How 3 real adults ever mAnaged is beyond me. That day was a real rover fest as i got a lift home the longest journey of the day in my other uncles 800 sterling which actually had space. Id always wanted to go in a 600 and it was terrible space wise.

Matthew Godwin says:

My dad had two of these back in the day; a 620Si in Anthracite Grey, and a 620SLi auto in Nightfire Red. Both lovely cars, and both evoking very fond childhood memories. I'm biased of course, but I always thought the Rover was a cut or two above contemporary Ford or Vauxhall offerings, and I think it's a tad more stylish than the Accord sister car too. A chap local to me runs about in one with just over 200k miles on it. It looks tired and a bit tatty, buts it's still going strong, a testiment to Rover/Honda build quality.

Dover One Foxtrot says:

Honda are the toughest most reliable cars ever built.

Andrew Nichols says:

This car was very stylish unlike the mondeo it had lots of chrome, wooden interior and on the high specs, leather and piped seats. Lots of attention to detail the mondo just didn’t have. Being a Honda underneath also had Japanese reliability. It had the best of both worlds, Japanese engineering with British attention to detail.

Eddie Le mesurier says:

I had one in 2004 it was ok I guess crap on patrol I like better the Montego

Nick Spence says:

I don't think Rover ever tried to hard sell it. I drove a few Managers 600 company cars which were good, the Vectra was rubbish and a class below and the Mondeo was my Fav and great but seen as a Ford and then VW brought out a really good Passat and that was it. Rover failed but then so did Honda, hardly see any Hondas nowadays in comparison. Should have seen BMW off at the pass and Honda bought Rover. The brands fitted quite well together.

Chillednfunked says:

The only reason the 600 was decent was because of Honda. BL completely butchered the Honda Ballade when they turned it into the vile Triumph Acclaim…

thanos mousios says:

You forgot to mention the 620Ti with Rover 2 litro turbo engine and 200hp those where seriously quick cars

Allan_77 says:

Nice cars 😍😍😍

Mark Hayman says:

Nice review., that’s one of last of that model, I have driven the 600ti very nice abs fast and like my rover 800 vitesse . If you get chance ti review the 600ti that be great . Regards mark

PSCavalier 95 says:

I used to own the 600s sister Honda Accord 2.0 in Pirates Black with spoilers.

Will Welch says:

Looking back this, I think it has aged well in comparison to other rovers. It's a shame it didn't quite cut it against the fleet group, but to the same time I think that's what makes it cool. You have found a great example and I am sure it will scrub up well after some TLC.

Ben Parkes says:

I had the 600ti. Rapid car back in the day.

Si Edwards says:

My dad had one of these for a few years, drove it pretty hard and never put oil in it. He said it was the best car he ever owned. The thing would just keep going and going and going, and when he sold it he had such a lot of interest he got what he paid for it. They all wanted that engine! Great car and this brought back great memories. This is such a cool channel.

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