Double Gold Caramel Billionaire Magnum Review

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A review of the Double Gold Caramel Billionaire Magnum ice cream.


Seth Peasley says:

A comment of engagement for the algorithm's insatiable maw!

Lin Kelly says:

It’s not Mitchell’s……….I’m getting back in the truck.

mchlbk says:

I bet pig milk is on the ingredient list.

syranius01 says:

You think I ain’t worth a dollar but I feel like a billionaire

fylraen says:

Wash it down with an imperial gallon of dog lager

2009Bandman says:

rich beef sausages

Raiden Storm says:

Breaking News!!! Prehistoric beef mine found in the Netherlands!

Joe A. J. Beaumont says:

I believe Kenny Baritone once ate fourteen of these simultaneously. Also, has anyone heard the rumours about Mangnum finding a way of farming the pygmy cow for the exclusive caramel ice cream?

J Dietrich says:

Plenty of dairy, but a disappointing lack of beef. 5/10.

Andrew Claassen says:

I'd love to hear what Eli thinks of these!

TakeoutTim says:

Thanks for the review, I want sure if I wanted to buy the normal chocolate Magnum or this one.

the Yorkshire coastliner guy 840 says:

There is only one thing better than this. The 2009 hyundi i10

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