knorr classic mixed vegetable soup | knorr soup | knorr mixed vegitable soup recipe | Knorr Classic😋

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knorr classic mixed vegetable soup | knorr soup | knorr mixed vegitable soup recipe | Knorr Classic |😋| soup recipes readymade | Soup recipes readymade | readymade soup |readymade soup recipes |

today I’ll tell you
how to make Knorr mixed vegetable soup…this is Knorr Classic soup…
no doubt friends…this is very yummy and healthy…
must try plz.. 👍😊

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Raker Star says:

My favorite is soup and it is looking so tasty and attractive and the good thing is it is so easy to make. 😇😇😇yo.

Sakshi Gurjar says:

Everyone – watching the recipe
Meanwhile Me – watching that she has the same plate as I am having😂😂 🍽

The Gwalior Global School says:

I love all soup😋😋

Sk Asma says:

I will try it this soup so guddd

TVN show says:

Cook nahi karte

Ravinder Panwar says:

I like this soup

Suman Kumar says:

Is it necessary to always stirr the soup?

himani singh says:

Rs.10 ka maine lia tha usme na corn na hi koi veg so dnt buy😂😂

Sirisha Sirisha says:

Add egg white?

Anjelic Saha says:

It's healthy??

Mujtaba Naqvi says:

Itvtealt helped me I was home alone and was hungry

Rinu Siwach says:

Kya sup sa weight loss hota hh
Plz reply

D. B Gurung says:

It's very salty

Aryan Gautam says:

It looks yummy but taste is vry bad

Shikha yadav says:

On the packet it's written to add 4 cups of water

Parasram Chhabriya says:

Instead of water add veg stock and little quantity of some veggies like bel pepper carrot or couliflower optional but donot forget to add butter🙏

Hevantidevi Hevantidevi says:

Looking so tasty

Akash Pathak says:

Easiest dishhh!!!!

sab kuch hoga kya says:

Itni acchi knorr soup ki recipe abhi tak nahin dekhi thi❤️

sab kuch hoga kya says:

Well done 👍👍

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