5 Meatless Meals that Meat-Eaters Will LOVE!

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Today, I am sharing with you 5 meatless meals that meat-eaters will love! These are tested in our own home, and all the fellows here will agree! If you are trying to cut back on your meat consumption to save money, for health, or just dealing with limited supply, let me help you with some recipes that are sure to please.

My videos-
Vegan Pasta e Fagioli- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHyuk5kQwag&t=5s
Shepherd’s Pie (on Food Diaries)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLgcyYH6aN4&t=3s
Pumpkin Chili- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Srd9iZ0XyJE&t=4s

Here are a couple of things I recommend for these dishes. The first is the Mayacamas gravy. You can order a 3 pack of the brown gravy for only $2.70 with my amazon affiliate link here- https://amzn.to/2WhdBae
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Ponz says:

Thank you😁

Divine Mystical Guidance & Inspiration Arclala says:

Thank you so much..you get me!!! Ugh thank you! 😉

jssc Lzd says:

I thought u we’re going to show us, not tell us 😳

Emma Axenchuk says:

THANK YOU SO MUCJ FOR THIS. My husband and I have been vegan 6 years. Everytime I look up 'vegan' recipes all I get are smoothie bowls, and salad bowls. Most of my recipes I've had to make up because sometimes I just want "normal" food that I grew up eating, but veganized. These recipes just seem so normal, thank you!

Shauna Carpenter says:

You don’t even have to eat the two incomplete proteins in the same meal just same day. Beans/lentils, potatoes, rice, corn, and corn tortillas. Yep, good stuff!

Bowen Family Farm says:

Are you still vegan?

kelley chiang says:

love your ideas

Michelle Dee says:

I am a gluten free/dairy free vegetarian and my family eat meat, dairy and gluten so I know where you are coming from. Thanks for the ideas.

Marie Lapp says:

Cornbread is great with chili as well! I make a gluten free version I found online that uses only cornmeal (no flour) and it's really good. Interesting video.

Danielle Braga says:

Thank you for the recipes! However, please look in to correcting the myth of “incomplete” or “complementary” proteins. This was disproven a long time ago👍🏻

“The “incomplete protein” myth was inadvertently promoted and popularized in the 1971 book, Diet for a Small Planet, by Frances Moore Lappé. In it, the author stated that plant foods are deficient in some of the essential amino acids, so in order to be a healthy vegetarian, you needed to eat a combination of certain plant foods at the same time in order to get all of the essential amino acids in the right amounts. It was called the theory of “protein complementing.”

Lappé certainly meant no harm, and her mistake was somewhat understandable. She was not a nutritionist, physiologist, or medical doctor; she was a sociologist trying to end world hunger. She realized that converting vegetable protein into animal protein involved a lot of waste, and she calculated that if people ate just the plant protein, many more could be fed. In the tenth anniversary edition of her book (1981), she retracted her statement and basically said that in trying to end one myth—the inevitability of world hunger—she had created a second one, the myth of the need for “protein complementing.”

In this and later editions, she corrects her earlier mistake and clearly states that all plant foods typically consumed as sources of protein contain all the essential amino acids, and that humans are virtually certain of getting enough protein from plant sources if they consume sufficient calories”

Starlite Sparkle says:

Great ideas. One thing we do is substitute lentils for meat in some dishes. Shepards pie and Tacos are two that hit it off in my family. Another meatless meal we do is Spaghetti. We fry up onion, garlic, green peppers, and mushrooms for the bulk. My family also likes black olives cut up in their sauce.. With all the bulk, they don't even miss the meat.

Ten Thousand Days of Gratitude says:

I’ve missed your videos. I just saw tomato pie on insta. I think I’m going to try that for meatless Monday! Your pasta fagiole has been a favourite of mine for a long time. I make both your vegan version and also your meat version but leave out the meat. 💖

Cynthia Ann says:

Thank you for this video…I'm almost 99 percent vegan. I've been working toward wfpb for a while. You look really beautiful in this video today. Great color on you and your skin is glowing 🙂

Natalie Allison says:

Thank you SO SO much for making this. I'm a vegetarian who follows you and other like mommas. No one ever does family vegetarian meals. Forever a fan 💕

pensgirl10 says:

I'm vegan and I have some vegetarian family members so we eat like this all the time. What I like about this video is that usually when you click on "meatless meals" it is something that is slopped all over with cheese. While cheese IS delicious, there are a lot of people who aren't using dairy products for health, ethical, or environmental reasons. I'm glad you made a video of food that all of us can eat.

Very Valerie says:

Awesome. Thank you!!!

Villagesteader says:

Great ideas but would be best to do less processed ingredients like the fake meat stuff. We are vegans for health reasons but it’s hard to eat the fake stuff because that is processed as much as processed meat products.
My opinion is if you eat vegan sausage and hot dogs it’s a slippery slope. Kind of like drinking alcohol free beer or wine?!?!?!
That being said…you are the Queen of budgeting and low cost eating! Keep up the good work! ♥️👍😎🙏🐝🌻

PositiveBlessingsKarrie says:

Thanks for the Video as I am struggling being a Vegan right now , but I am starting over in August as a Vegan. Great Ideas here you shared.

Julie Phelps says:

I do chili without meat and put in black beans and mushrooms so it looks like it has meat, serve with rice or noodles, cheese is optional.

Veggie Every Day says:

I’m meatless every day. Love these ideas!! It’s so funny when people are shocked that meatless recipes can be delicious, but I enjoy proving them wrong!

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