72 Reasons to be Vegan with Gene Stone

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Gene Stone, a former Peace Corps volunteer, journalist, and book, magazine, and newspaper editor, has written, co-written, or ghost-written fifty books on a wide variety of subjects, although for the last decade he has concentrated on plant-based diets and their relationship to animal protection, health, and the environment. Among these books are Forks Over Knives, The Engine 2 Diet, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life, Eat for the Planet, How Not to Die, and 72 Reasons to Be Vegan.

After an early career as a book, magazine, and newspaper editor, Gene began devoting his energy full-time to writing books. Fifteen titles have reached The New York Times Bestseller list. Six have become #1 national bestsellers. He has worked with dozens of influential scientists, doctors, and business leaders, from astrophysicist Stephen Hawking to TOMS shoes founder Blake Mycoskie. He has taken on a wide variety of subjects but recently he has focused on new approaches to wellness and nutrition, especially the benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as animal protection. Gene’s work informs readers and then drives change in how they think, work, and live.

For more information: http://genestone.com/

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/genestone2022/


Lynne Mills says:

Great interview

Happy C says:

Enjoyed this one.

Gosia Konstanty says:

What an amazing person he is. I love to read the books, I really appreciated he's take on it. Great Che AJ

Selina says:

Great interview! Very inspiring!

Alycia 123 says:

Thanks for the video 😀 what are are your favourite condiments and spices for steamed non starchy vegetables?

Mae h says:

i love your new background!!! It's a beautiful backdrop for you. your skin looks brighter against it:)

Nancy T says:

The reason I think more people aren't vegan is they don't know how unconscionable the slaughter/ factory farming process is. They don't equate the meat and dairy on their plates with the killing of and disgusting husbandry practices against innocent beings. Most people have no idea how their food is made or where it comes from.

Julie T. says:

What another wonderful interview. He seems like such a kind person, and you bring out the best!

Lisa Leis says:

Really nice flowing interview. Thanks!

Murphy 7803 says:

Hate to harp on a throwaway comment but parents DO NOT ALWAYS have a favorite child. Unless I’m just the only weirdo parent out there.

Hannah Levbarg says:

Recent EXCELLENT Rich Roll podcast with Friedrich – worth the listen – just had it cued over last few days.

Hannah Levbarg says:

Oh! You should hear the Sherzai's story of when they made the connection! Can't remember whose show I heard it on, maybe not this one – involved a baby-goat-killing "ceremony" I think in Afghanistan – gut-wrenching story and interesting.

Hannah Levbarg says:

Enjoyed this on so many levels, the vegan one, being a former bookseller/bookshop owner (just before Kindle happened), wife of a published novelist who separately runs a small press (publishing others), going to tell him about this audio book segment you all had!! Just nerding right out, and living the pure simple compassion vibe. Oh, and: L'Shana Tovah, madam.

M Chagawa says:

Such a wonderful chat 🙂 The Awareness sounds like an amazing book, and that's soooo great that you got him informed about the audio books, and wow, having that as an animated movie would be amazing 🙂 I'm sooooo with you both on that physical books are just… uncomparably better than ebooks ^^ oh goodness, Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favourite books of all time too! Wasn't he just delightful 🙂 thank you both soooo much!

Doctor K says:

Whole food, plant EXCLUSIVE is what I have called myself for about 10 years, and people still ask me if I est eggs, cheese, chicken fish😏😆

Karen Price says:

Wow – I loved this interview, especially because I work in publishing. I ordered The Awareness and will check out Gene's website, etc. Thank you, Chef AJ, for all the interviews you do – I always have them playing while I work in the kitchen or as a treat when my work is done.

Janet Rush says:

Ok, second comment…This has been the best interview. You two are great together,

Donna Vickery says:

Great interview !!!

Mandy M says:

Wonderful interview and conversation with Gene 👍

Janet Rush says:

This is great, when I saw the name on the title, I thought where do I know that name. Oh my goodness great interview. What an awesome man.

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