Why Are So Many Vegan Kids Malnourished?

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Vitamin B12

Vitamin D


Vitamin A

Vitamin E


Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Vegetarian Diets

In looking for ‘zebra,’ doctors are stumped by toddler’s painful legs, rash and bleeding gums

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Feeding Vegan Kids by Reed Mangels (from Simply Vegan)

Feeding Vegetarian and Vegan Infants and Toddlers

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Lyra Black says:

I really respect you for talking about this. You're completely right that it needs to be talked about more. Also 1000% agree about the children-on-camera thing

Andrew Robinson says:

You cook your radishes ??

Marigold's Gallery says:

Please Google this words: full amino acid profile in foods, vit A sources for humans , vit b 12 sources, anti nutrients in legumes and grains, think again forsing another human being to eat uncompleted died it is an abuse,
to not have your own choice even if it's the " perfect " vegan diet it is abuse!

Aaron Brown says:

Children have growing bodies, their nutritional needs are intensive. I don't beleive the average person has the capacity to meet their constantly changing nutritional needs perfectly enough to micromanage their diet. Kids will often only eat so much of their food and if none of it is meat, they're going to skip out on vitamins they absolutely need. Children should not be vegan.

bea says:

Those meals look very bland i don't know how people can eat that. Plain rice and boiled chickpeas straight out of a can made me gag.

Jade Ryan says:

And THIS is how you make a child hate vegetables.

proverbs31woman31 says:

I give my kids a balanced diet fruit, veggie meat, limited starch, sparingly fat/ sugar like ice cream .., and my kids are healthy.

Kurupt Force says:

I usauly hate vegans, but when I see people talking in the comments about actual delicious food I think maybe not all of them are insane. Vegans don't deserve the maniacs that plague there community.

Havana D'Aurcy says:

Had a friend only fed potato bake and spinach after joining some cult (Mother took Leviticus too serious). Yes you read that right, her father wasn't happy I had to do it too.

Simon Olesen says:

Vegan kids are almost all malnourished or mentally ill because of their vegan parents.
Veganism is not the only problem, but it's the common toxic denominator.

Heart Mind says:

Seth Welch of Michigan was just sentenced to life without parole for starving his ten month old baby to death for “religious” reasons and went on social media ranting about his beliefs. This is a very good precedent for these influencers who’s children have rotting teeth, (like Gabby’s daughter) distended bellies, wispy hair, wandering eyes, sticks for arms. If their children die those parents my have to spend some time in jail thinking about their choices. But that does nothing for the huge crop of children growing up now who will have mental and physical problems their whole life because their parents were “well meaning” nutritionally ignorant vegans.

123 troll says:

You know you're deranged and delusional when you have a vegan lifestyle

jimmy cricket says:

vegan +=compulsive obsessive this is the picture most are portraying to rest of us i know that some are like you not so compulsive ?? but most keep finding new things they shouldn't eat and are obsessive about it; im into not eating meat im vegetarian; i think to b honest you need to look more at our ancient beginnings youlll see that many foods you're cutting out is part of what humans are meant to eat; but some of you are so anti everything youll all starve yourself out of existence'

Jesse Durnin says:

Crying is understandable. Anyone be who hears about babies and kids being harmed by their negligent low life scumbag parents and gets sad is normal.

Jesse Durnin says:

Why don't vegans use victims and supplements to maintain their RDA?

HungarianDragon says:

You are one of the only vegan youtubers I respect. You acknowledge the problems and talk about it honestly and don’t glorifying the diet. You also offer sensible advice.

Phong Dang says:

Vegan’s make horrible parents

WTFisMYname24 says:

crazy people are literally everywhere. My neighbors for example are 100% commiting child abuse in my opinion. The child is not malnourished but the opposite, the kid is 11 and he weighs as much as me ( a grown adult male ). for the past 2 years they've had a BBQ every second day and its sickening to look out the window and have to see this poor child who will suffer so horribly in the future because his parents are absolutely bat shit crazy when it comes to nutrition….

Ry says:

You should give your children option AHEM include meat. Forcing your lifestyle on your children is selfish

Anglophone says:

Veganism is child abuse

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