My Delicious Vegan Soup

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lisa gordon says:

BRILLIANT! love from Australia 🐨

Blue Wren says:

How were your blood results?

Blue Wren says:

I came to your channel for your reviews of the Hammer A3 41 but was thrilled to find a video on vegan soup! I have soup recipes that are similar to this and they are truly delicious. You know what makes it ever better? Dry roast the onions, carrots and cauliflower first. I have a huge oven so I am able to put everything in at once which makes it super easy and convenient. I'm keen to try your recipe. Winter is approaching in Australia so perfect soup time and I've got plenty of carrots and kale in the garden and plenty of spuds in cool store.

Hernan Cortez says:

Love ur channel

Blessed says:

This is click bait that’s not vegan soup that gay soup

PopTart says:

love you bro

toof paste says:

I just found your channel and i adore it!

Peter Antal says:

I like veggie soup but still I love the most of the time a lot of meat as well… 😊

Vincent Coulombe says:

Great video. I'm interested I trying this as im always wanting to add healthy ideas into my life.

Matt Jungfleisch says:

I can smell and taste it over here in Woodland Washington USA. I like the cashews for fiber. Awesome !

Tobho Mott says:

Vegans can eat yeast?! Who knew? Looks good

James Biggar says:

I hate cooking too. Usually keep things as simple as possible lol. Not a vegan but this looks delicious!

Miranda sanchez says:

Looks amazing !!!πŸ™Š

Hector Roy says:

Wow! Very good video and we can vouch that it is very tasty and also very healthy. Congratulations son!

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