Austin Montego Restoration Project – What Happened Next?

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When you met our 1985 Austin Montego Estate, it drove well but was suffering some worrying rust on the roof and bodywork. Here’s what Simon and the team from Classics Monthly Magazine have done since…
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robertngreen6 says:

I love this car and am so glad you are getting it back into a great shape. Alan's skills are obvious and it's so good to see this lovely car benefiting!

raylyd says:

please i could do with the 3d printed parts myself please have you got his name please many thanks 🙂 as i have a montego estate myself 🙂

John S says:

great to hear you restoring it, I daily a 87 saloon 1.6HL can’t fault it

Neil Mustow says:

Very rare and early estate Montego

TheTeeWorldsfreak says:

Really like those old 80s lines

Timbre says:

Love this channel. Wonderful to see this, please more episodes of this beautiful car! And Alan; well done on the repairs, that's real craftsmanship.

owen dunne says:

Great to see a car like the Austin getting some love ❤️ and saved keep up the good work

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

I remember my friends family having 2 red estates in the 80s and 90s.
A 1.6 petrol and 2.0 diesel.

steve staff says:

Had 3 MG Montegos back in the day, very underated car . Glad this one is being saved

Rab K says:

Definitely looking a lot better decent enough car in there day well worth doing up 🙂

Keith A Tate says:

given the fact that so many Montego`s were literally swept up off the floor and thrown in the bin I`m rather glad to see this one being restored

Michael David says:

£10,000 to do the bodywork? The Polish would have done it for a fraction of that.

Chillednfunked says:

Why restore such an ugly car

O says:

Same colour that one i owned mind it had lot of engine problems thou but always felt the montego had a very good ride quality

Maverick Motors says:

God, I love this car. I sort of wish I bought a Montego now.

Simon Hodgetts says:

Really like this one. Always had a soft spot for the Monty!

Mark Sterriker says:

Always liked the montego especially the later countryman 7 seater , love to own one of them.

Rob C says:

I’ve almost forgotten what a proper estate looks like, so many these days have the sloping back hatch rendering them useless.

Pickleman says:

A labour of love! The welding and metal work skills are really handy for a project car like this, otherwise it becomes uneconomic. I wish I had those skills!

abz 7183 says:

Dropping it just very slightly would give it a nice stance.

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