Bentley Turbo R vs BMW E38 750i – British Luxury vs German Muscle!

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The Bentley Turbo R blended luxury and a sense of occasion with almighty shove and was almost unrivalled during the 1980s. Come the 1990s however, BMW’s 7 Series in E38 guise combined a V12 and Bavaria’s talent for supreme driving dynamics to extraordinary effect. But can it beat the mighty Bentley?
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0:00-0:48: Intro
0:49-4:10: BMW E38 750i
4:11-7:35: Bentley Turbo R
7:36-8:22: Which Is Best?

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Kristian Spencer says:

Beautiful e38 750i msport , in the right colour with the alpina turbines. I’d have the 740i msport, one of the best looking BMWs ever made alongside the e46 330i msport and the e90 m3.👍

wholeNwon says:

About 10 yrs. ago a friend bought a new 750iL. He thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread until the problems started. It went into "limp home" mode so often that soon his wife refused to get into the thing. I'm sure it was a great ride…when it was working.
About 24 yrs. ago, I drove a friends new Bentley Cont. drophead. It was a gorgeous car but had arrived with obvious factory defects. When driving it, the ergonomics were bad to say the least and the suspension was not up to the car's weight or power. There was no antidive geometry, so a lot of pitching and yaw. Steering was very light but the car was grossly misaligned. He tried to keep it for a couple of years then just gave up. He said, "More time in the shop than on the road."

The 777 Garage says:

7 series all day long 🤗

David says:

The only real problem that era of 7 series had was that the interior looked little different to that in a decent spec 3 series.

Blake says:

Brilliant job on this comparison. Both are such attractive cars. I wish BMW still could make cars this beautiful and analog. Love those BMW wheels and that glorious V12. The Turbo R really hasn't aged that well compared to the BMW

Mark's Cars says:

Had three E38s back in the day, including two 750iLs, and they were all fantastic. Had their issues of course, most notably being rads, coolant leaks, intake cyclones, fuel tank leak etc… All the usual things. But did 150mph down the autobahn on a trip to Munich and back and was just glorious.

Power & Glory says:

I had a 750iL from 1996 and now drive a 1990 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II. Both have their pros and cons. The Rolls-Royce gives a greater sense of occasion for any journey. I did love my BMW though; it remains the biggest motoring regret that I didn’t keep it.

mattsbeamer says:

The E38 is the perfect car. I miss mine, though it was the baby 4.4 740i 🙂 Is that 750i E32 the one that was in the total BMW mag? I think it had Aston martin db7 alloys on it. My father had the E32 B12 back in the early 1990. I miss that car.

John Evans says:

Very interesting and fair review. Our experience with old BMWs is that they are temptingly cheap, but have endless air con problems, rust and electrical issues. S-Class Mercedes is a much better bet, if not as nice to drive in a sporting fashion.

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

Easily the best-looking 7 Series to date!!

Birmingham racing says:

I think a supercharger would have suited the Bentley better because of the low end power. I generally love turbo cars but being a Bentley I wouldn't exactly modify it

Birmingham racing says:

E38 has always been my favourite 7 series and the only one I would pick over it's s class rival at the time. If I did buy one I would go with the 740i because I prefer the sound of the v8 over the v12

Czechbound says:

Always hated the rear of the E38. What a let down

Emmanuel David says:

That E38 is too beautiful to ignore.

Neil Mark says:

The Bentley R hasn’t aged well, the BMW is timeless in comparison.

gordon smyth says:

Owned a 1998 750il individual in Oxford green 26 mpg on long runs it was a bargain at £3.500 with 98000 mile on the clock it was a good driving big car and it could boogie

S A-J says:

My father had a new e38 740i in 1997 and it was a great car but it depreciated massively in the year he owned it.

Audiman Audiman says:

If you check the 'Car Wizards' popular youtube channel, he won't even work on BMW's because they are so badly made.

walter plant says:

Great video . For years we ran a Bentley continental R and a BMW e65 750i – the 4.8 V8 not a V12 . And I was often asked which I preferred and was hard pressed to answer . BMW more modern / more tech – Conti R more beautiful / less tech

We had lockdown and put a SORN on the BMW as that was the car for trips , and so when we needed unexpectedly to do some longer trips I used the Bentley rather more than usual . And I had my answer . The effortless torque of the big 6.75 wins .

And so that along with a poor dealership experience means the BMW has gone , and in its place is a 2007 Bentley Arnage R ; not much tech because I don’t want a touchscreen , later version of engine and a six speed box and the stiffer version of the body .

It’s goes like a train if asked , but is a lot more relaxing than the BMW ever was .

Matthew Godwin says:

My biggest problem with the BMW, is that everyone else thinks you're pretending to be James Bond. Not a good look.

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