EASY VEGAN RECIPES | breakfast, lunch, dinner

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*note: the nutritional yeast used in this video is vegetarian, not vegan, but Thrive Market sells a vegan version it was just sold out!

original breakfast recipe:

original lunch recipe:

original dinner recipe:


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FTC | thank you to Thrive Market for sponsoring this video 🙂


africkso says:

i'm sensing a strong love of chibataa bread, and honestly same

Hannah May says:

I'm cooking the Ramen recipe tonight! Thank you for the ideas <3

stay says:

please do another video like thiiis!

Harpy says:

* scribbles down every fucking recipe*

LucyIsAFreak Kinda says:

I've watched you for a while and you've mentioned that you idealized the lifestyle and now you're eating loads more vegan food and gradually incorporating veganism and I'm really proud!!! Yay Sarah!! 🎉✌

Snug Bug says:

Make another video when you have more recipes please!

Butternut squash says:

I came for the mental health but stayed for the vegan ! 🙂

ala says:

why do you say that the nutritional yeast is vegetarian and not vegan? their website says "vegetarian/vegan" for it and if it's just nutritional yeast i can't imagine it not being vegan.

Jen Woodruff says:

I just made a chick pea sandwich for lunch right before watching this! Add Avocado and Tomato!! YUM

Ella Fernandez says:

i miss your grocery haul vids 😂
love this though ☺

Ella Fernandez says:

i miss your grocery haul vids 😂
love this though ☺

63jacs says:

Great recipes….thanks for this.

Kerrie Wheeler says:

Delicious!! Loved it❤️

audriestacey says:

Love this kind of video 😁😁

Sandra says:

Wow more of these please! All of them looks delicious 🙂 And mashed chickpeas on sandwiches genious dont know why I havent tried that before :))

morganellyse says:

Obsessed with your hair style/colour everythinggggg, would love a video on how your do these waves (im sure it's simple but I suck at hair haha) love you x

f.beaz says:

Love the video. I would love another one too!!😊😊💜💜

HowCouldYouBeGrumpyIfYourAssGlows says:

As a vegan I love seeing how vegan food becomes more and more popular, thanks for sharing this!

Be Healthy Be Happy says:

ooh fancy vegan ramen.. i love it 😍

Suzi Bootz says:

Yes! more like this please 😊 I'm all about easy meals 😊

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