BEST NON VEG Classics at Shervani I BOTI Kebab + Chicken HALEEM + Aloo GOSHT + Hari Mirch KEEMA

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After spending a memorable time in Kausani, we returned to the warm hospitality of the beautiful Shervani Hilltop Resort in Nainital. Nestled amidst the lush green meadows and pine trees, the luxurious resort has been welcoming guests since 1981. Apart from their enchanting old world facade that provides an amazing view of the lake district, it is also renowned for its food.

We were glad that we got the opportunity to experience it with the masters themselves. In this episode we will take you through the special non veg dinner spread that included some of their heirloom recipes of the Shervani family.

We were excited to witness these dishes being made. After a brief interaction with S M Shervani, Managing Director, Shervani Hotels, we joined executive chef Sanjay ji for the action right at the beautiful courtyard. He was accompanied by Chef Gopal Ji and Chef Kishan Ji. With an effortless ease, the warm and genial Sanjay Ji who hails from Bihar showed us how to make mutton boti kebab, chicken haleem, aalu gosht, khameeri roti and shahi tukda. Most of these recipes are heirloom recipes of the Shervani family that have been kept alive by the master cooks at this hotel.

With the khameeri roti being done it was time to indulge in the flavour treasure. We joined General Manager Gopal Dutt Ji and Sanjay ji for this special dinner. Apart from the above dishes there were also baigan ka raita, hari mirch keema and kabuli pulao. Mutton boti kebab was tender and smoky, chicken haleem had a great smooth and fibrous texture, aalu gosht was comforting, hari mirch ka keema was tolerably hot, kabuli pulao was mild and decent, baigan ka raita was a refreshing and zesty and finally the shahi tukda was light and luscious. Our favourite was the mutton boti kebab.

This gratifying meal was a convergence of flavours from northern and southeastern India.

About the host – Anubhav Sapra

Anubhav Sapra is an avid culinary explorer who loves to travel and explore different cuisines primarily the street food, not just for the sake of gustatory pleasure but also for quenching his deep thirst for nurturing new cultural connections through the kaleidoscopic canvas of food. He believes that the vibrant and delectable street food tradition across the globe has the power to bring communities together and foster harmonious human existence.

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Filmed by Rahul Singh
Instagram –

Text by Swetaleena Nayak


Abcd Efgh says:

sir ji ek sawal mera yhi rehta he ki jo videos aap dikhate ho mutton ki wo goat mutton hota he yaa lamb mutton

Kk Aa says:

Really I am in delhi now but I now this dishes 👈 it's traditional 😀 I now how to make it please go to street food zaika 👈👈👈👈🖒🖒🖒

anand7344 says:

Sir Greetings! Requesting you please visit our place. You will definitely enjoyed the place. Royal Spice restaurant & hotel. Royal Spice Hotel & Restaurent, Nawar Khera Rd, Kishan Nagri, Uttarakhand 263139, India

Manish Shinde says:

Chef ne aata gundhte time gloves nikal diye😁😂

Samuel Haddad says:

These dishes has no connection or roots in Uttrakhand.
Mr salim , stop calling it local food.

Explore with someone local Kumaoni aur Gadwali , he will show you true Uk food.

Aur UK ka authentic food mai itna non-veg hota bhi nahi🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Chhotelal Chouhan says:

Chef was main attraction of this blog

The IndianTravel Lab says:

Chef has less knowledge about cooking as he has missed few process of smoking + he is using steel spoon in non stick cookware + in traditional cooking always use mustard oil + he is continuously touching his mask with right hand, Rest Sapra ji rocks!

dolly jha says:

Anubhav ji m big fan of u nd m live in west delhi nd do not come ever west delhi so plz come west delhi

Vibhor Sinha says:

Chef is a gem and my uncle too 💕❤️

Prithviraj Gayalkar says:

Chef was very expressive in his explanation and I liked his jovial. behavior. 👍

Amitava Talukdar says:

One of the best

zafar iqbal says:

Whats special in the mutton?

Homemade zaika taste says:

So yummmmmy 😋😋😋. Thank you for sharing. keep sharing

Aashish Kumar says:

Really impressed with the skills of the chef. Making ancient dish in a limited quantity for 1-2 people is itself a challenge. He did it very well 🙏

mani cv says:

Wonderful briefing and is so sweet to hear the preparation. Congrats Chef and team.

Domniac Corp. says:

Chef is op. 🙏
Video ko aur interesting kardiya chef ne.

GAURAV'S world says:
Crazy couple challenging

Prashant Srivastava says:

Awadhi aur hyderabadi dishes ki sasti copy bana rhe h …….haleem me na ghee h na rise……khmeeri roti me khameer nhi h 😂

Minr things says:

Why have they served only sample food items in plate?

Kaku Rawat says:

Nice video Bhai g🇮🇳🇮🇳💐👍🏻

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