'Modern British' Restaurant Includes Food From Africa | Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon Ramsay faces backlash after criticising a modern British restaurant.

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James Howard Hall says:

Gordon is HONEST ABOUT HIS [PAST and the shit home life as a teen but, we ALL HAVE THAT and many of us have been arrested accordingly. Some of us CAN SHINE, Eventually with time and hard work. Gordon was absolutely correct. Just FOCUS and let your work shine and even if it does not happen here it will 'follow you' somewhere else. In fact, I have seen Gordon HIRE THE WINNERS for his own restaurants. Flying winners to London to train under the very best. He uses 'F' word too much but, so be it. F'all….He tries to help these losing restaurants get out of DEBT. EXTREME DEBT in many cases. $2 Million dollars Debt? OMG. And the woman in Paris who Gordon TRIED TO HELP for 2 weeks and her Father lost $100,000 dollars of hard earned retirement funds he needed for old age and his daughter WALKED AWAY after Gordon helped her with menu, dining Deco, and food examples that were bringing in PATRONS. She walked away from HARD WORK. restaurants are hard work, worldwide. The smallest of them can kill you. 100 hour weeks. Expenses. Complaints, taxes, salaries, and more. if you cannot handle it GET A JOB working for someone else and Piss off…..Great job Gordon!

Audrey Azwell says:

33:19 😂😭🤣

CaptainChaos570 says:

Man I love to see not only how happy Gordon is for not only Peter, but Martin starting a workshop for troubled kids

VDJEcKz says:

Genuinely hopeful for Pete, kid has heart in the kitchen, anyone know if he stayed the course and is running his own kitchen now?

Olive Blackmon says:

I feel like he screams so much more at Americans. Does he just hate us?? I don't blame him lol!

Slim Hardaway543 says:

Ppl really forget Gordon goes OUT OF HIS WAY to help these ppl

Phillip Carter says:

It's kinda amazing how much more mature brits are than americans. This series is a prime example of that. The earlier UK episodes feature restaurants that mostly only need tweaks to their menu and some new ideas and motivation for the owner, chefs and staff. The US version, on the other hand, sees Gordon become health code inspector/psychologist for infantile ownership on the verge of a mental breakdown. Everything is just so much more absurd and melodramatic, and ultimately less about the food than the circus. Speaks to the childish nature of the American audience, I think, that we generally seem to prefer content that is more ridiculous or emotionally manipulative.

kris ward says:

I like me a good chicken parm 😋

Ninjay says:

Gordon swears so much whenever they beeped out the swears/slurs idk what it is lol

Michael Wyatt says:

i can handle 200 people!
cant take half of that

incessant crying he's not trying to do this to help you fail, its to point out what the flaws are, to knock you off the high horse they seem to be on every. god. damn. time.

the point is to show the manager that running a business isnt the same as running a successful kitchen, to push the kitchen to its limits to see if they can take the pressure. they obviously couldnt. at least the chef came back and apologized. i just wish half these nightmares would listen to what he tells them.

Carlos Fuentes says:

I didn’t know Tom Hardy used to be a chef

Taco Mandela says:

What the fuck is bird nose chirping about

Vaider says:

how different the us/uk version are lol

Peter Bindig says:

Nigel asks for help and then gets weird when the problems are pointed out. I don't get it. And those 2 lads in the kitchen need a swift kick in the ass

ecko2750 says:

Now that…*smiles*…is fucking ghastly

Erol B. says:


nooooo. whyyy?????

don't go to my discord says:

Honestly i would love for Gordon Ramsay to be my home economics teacher

walygisnep says:

Tbh the British did control most of the planet at some point, so you “could” say it’s British.

atriskyouthtelevision says:

Wtf shark steak

MichaelD8393 says:

The music at 1:19 sounds a lot like the theme for Shaft.

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