Top 10 Traditional American Foods

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Traditional American Foods

What exactly is American food? Well, it’s like asking what an American looks like. There’s no one answer. America is a complex melting pot of ethnicities, a hodgepogde of different cultures and customs. And the food across the country is as varied as the people are.

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mama ttn wong deso says:

I love this yummy 👍❤,greeting from Indonesia

Yummy Rithisak says:

Burger yummy food ❤️❤️😘

Bhaskar Mnb says:

We Indian's consider all this as some sort of snacks not main dish 😂👏

Polêmica II says:

Why im homosexual?

Thalassery Fashion says:

I love this

Fakhrulrazi Razi says:

It's mean that America do not have any traditional food right?

narcis havic says:

They don't have tradition at all.Did they even use spoon?

مطبخ بنت القاضي😍kitchen girl judge says:

Good 😘🤩👍🇪🇬😍😘🥰

New Amazing Things says:

Top 10 Best traditional American Food in 2021

Willard Cupp says:

Maybe that only included things that were supposedly invented here but fried chicken, pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, steak, and many other foods including many vegetables and varieties of salad are staples here in the Midwest. We also have an entirely separate menu for breakfast. We also like "Americanized" versions of pizza, burritos, tacos, nachos, and snap spaghetti (most of us plebs snap the noodles in half) lol.

AL V says:

You can ad tacos to the list.

Jaxon McCarthy says:

Are those eatable? American food,seriously?

Tasty Journey says:

Wow awesome video. I really love it. I wannn try all menu. Oop!!! my stomach is growling now hahahah. Thank you of your nice vide. 😍❤️👍

Willy Antunez says:

Now i'm understanding why America is called "The melting pot"

Mar Stillo says:

Case in Point there is no American Food.

Maryam Kitchen Diary says:

Very good shairing dear friend 👍👍❤️

Angelina Dash says:

As long as the human race exists, chicken wings will literally never cease to be popular. It has been adopted by THE ENTIRE WORLD.

CHICKEN WING RESTAURANTS WILL LITERALLY NEVER GO OUT OF BUSINESS! And I'm sooo grateful of that. I don't know where I would go if my local wingstop suddenly went out of business ;(

먹방종식 says:

예술작품 같아요~😁👍

MrKelra says:

thumb down for the stupid vocoder voice…

Mr Green Back says:

Nice tips my friend. Keep The great job and congrats

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