Top 10 vegetarian countries in the world

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RaSkeL oN3 says:

Jai hind 👍🏻

saarc says:

In India, If you say that you're a pure vegetarian then you're backward & immature. People try to make you eat you non veg forcefully.

saarc says:

Being a vegetarian, I have suffered from people commenting me to grow up and eat non veg and forcing me to be a non veg, during my college days & office days in my early 20's.

saarc says:

Actually India was a vegetarian country back in 70's & 80's. Due to foreign influence most of them turned to non veg. And 38% is very poor actually as it used to be 60%.

parth bhardwaj says:

Proud vegetarian from Delhi ❤️

Anil Kamthe says:

Freinds,Totally fake vedio. See Australia two times in list 5% and 9%

Arun Gupta says:

India ❤️❤️ No Doubt.

I m Nothing says:

India is 58%

YouPedia says:

I'm pure vegetarian ❤️ I'm from india ❤️

Balboa Baggins says:

Sources used?

A M says:

This is reason India and Israel are best freinds….and opposite of India is China

Neeraj Jain says:

East or West our India is the best ❤️❤️ .

nishanth deepaditya says:

Which song is played in the background

Gordon Grover says:

a proud Indian


Love you India and I'm Christian but I'm vegetarian

preeti jiragyale says:

Indian proud

SK DRIP says:

I'm proud to be indian😊🥰

Krishna Munde says:

Manvi ahar shakahar

Satan Shameer says:

Fuck vegetarians and vegans

Madhusudan /Krishn says:

Hinduism ❤️ India

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