VEGAN SLOPPY JOES SANDWICH » oil-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free & loaded with flavor!

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If you grew up in America, you probably remember the Sloppy Joe. Most schools would have this sandwich in regular rotation in their cafeterias. Typically it is made of ground beef and cooked in a barbecue flavored sauce and served on a hamburger bun. We have created a plant based vegan version of this sandwich using crumbled tofu, onions and mushrooms to replace the ground beef and cooked it in a delicious sweet and smokey flavored sauce that is oil-free, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free.


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Melissa Walker says:

This recipe was so delicious!! Thank


Cheryl Becwar says:

made these to take camping….so addictive.loved it. I freeze my tofu so that plus getting lots of water out before baking made for an excellent texture

Rosanna Guzman says:

I bought your cookbook, I love it!

José Maria says:

It's good. We had sandwiches with Ezekiel bread. However, I used 6 deglet door dates bc i didn't have medjool ones. I think i missed the sweetness in the sauce. How many should I use?

R. Sharp says:

Please make an Orange or sweet/sour “chicken” dish🙏🙏🙏

Norman Bernstein says:

I made these and they were awesome! Thanks

Jana AM says:

Looks delish!!! I was wondering, do you think crumbled up tempeh would work instead of the tofu just as well?

N Gripp says:

Any substitute for tofu. Don't eat it

carmen ramos says:

Hi Jill. Can I use TVP instead? is that as healthy?

judyhoomalamalama says:

I FOUND a new veggie ketchup no added sugar . Made by a dad cuz his kids used too much ketchup. Its made from tomatoes, carrots, squash & spinach. Called True made foods .I have no connection to him. But I love his ketchup .Veteran owned . Just sharing. Will try this recipe

Diane Jacobs says:

Thanks! This is so good. I just made a half recipe because it's just me, but I wish I would have made a full recipe. For now, I'll be happy with just the 3 servings.

Pam Doherty says:

Open both ends of the tomato paste can and just slide it out. Old wives trick😉

Lisa Chappell says:

I made this with lentils instead of tofu and it was great

Scot Campbell says:

Tomato paste is so sweet and savory…a WFPB secret ingredient!

Scot Campbell says:

looks great! I have done your dressings, they are good. My sons' make a good black bean burger. I would love if you checked out their new channel. It has a vegan cooking segment in most episodes, Thanks Jill,

BioluvsKatz&Bees says:

Made it… loved it! Thanks!

Eleanor Stanford says:

Awesome! I add a bit of green pepper to my sloppy Joe's too. Can't wait to try this recipe. Thanks

ssusan3 says:

I made the sloppy Joe and it was so good my family loved it. I added pinto beans and put it over rice fabulous

Jen Gilbert says:

You can also freeze the tofu and press to dry it out for meatish crumbles, instead of baking

Becky Hunter Steenblik says:

If I go fully plant based will I get beautiful hair like yours?

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