VEGAN what i eat in a week to be *HAPPY* & *HEALTHY* || Weekly vlog in my life as a radiographer!

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Leila xoxoxo


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WafflesWithLeila says:

Heyyy Dudes ❤️ long time no weekly vlog! Hope you enjoyed today’s upload! Like I mentioned within the vlog, if I was to make frequent weekly vlogs, they’d be the same because of my full time job unless I’m on a 12 hour x3 shift type week xox

Charlotte Holt says:

frozen fricking yogurt!! thanks so so much for this video, inspirational layla helps me in my ed recovery so so much!!

Yuhui's life says:

frozen yogurt 🍦

Kim Beer says:

Leila!!! You rlly suit that red Abyl set, red it defo one of your colours😍😍

Luisa Herrera says:

love the long vlogs ! xx

Turmericoats says:

So good 🤩🙌

Lena Raw says:

Wow you do your job, your yammie food, your YouTube videos, your exercise and don't forget to live and see your friends! You are a power women!❤😘🙏

Yazmin Avinante says:

Such a good video. You are so creative with all your meals and know a lot of recipes. Geez. Lol.

Esperanza Fimbres says:

i love your vibes and your videos have helped me heal my relationship with food <3 i'm really glad i found your channel

Marian Mayol says:

Lovee the longer videos/ weekly vlogsss♥️♥️

Eve beinguniquebeingme says:

Ooh what yummy foods you had love it and great vases so fun too hope you have a great week this week! 👏🙌💖

Zuzia Kapuścik says:

I totally agree, I love longer videos and rarer!❤️ And these vlogs are the besttt🥰

Mrs. Oktopusien says:

Can we just take a moment and appreciate how much love and effort she puts into her videos? Like how does this queen of a women doesn't get way more attention?!

Nikki T. says:

Frozen yogurt !! You are so lively and entertaining ☺️💕 thank you for the great videos!!

Bryony Proctor says:

Frozen yoghurt 👌

dino says:

I absolutely loved this video.

lolliki1998 says:

you're chocolate Soufflés pancakes looks amazing😍😍😍. Could you post a recipe please?

Amy Coombe says:

How do you make your chia puddings? They look much better than the ones I’ve made in the past

wendy says:

gonna watch this while relaxing this evening <3 love these long vlogs, your presence makes me so happy and i feel like i’m hanging out with a friend ! 🥰

TMS 24 says:

Interesting! I find porridge way more filling than Weetabix, I guess we all differ in that respect. Great video again

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