Low Carb Pasta, GMO FREE & Vegetarian Friendly

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A classic family favorite made healthy! A taste of Italy in a delicious GMO Free, vegetarian friendly package. All of the flavors you know and LOVE, now guilt FREE! With only 7g of net Carbs, and 30g of Protein per serving, your family will never know the difference! Eat healthy and live well with ISOPASTA.

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Tim R Yuritic says:

Just what everyone needs – Gluten & Soy – Terrible..

Missvelvit says:

The taste snd texture is distinctly different from regular pasta and you CAN tell the difference. I bought some penne, and I only finished it because I bought it and didnt want to waste my money.

End The Lies Now says:

I hope this pasta is a real low carb pasta, not like Dreamfields pasta which was sued for millions of dollars because of their false claims about being "low carb".

Lorretta Hutchins says:

It's a lot better than coffee because it really jump starts my day and keeps me active, awake, and alert the entire day. Not only that, but I also noticed that if I eat a bit less, I lose weight a lot faster. I mean, by cutting my meals in half, I can lost as much as 5 pounds in 2 weeks! It's a win-win situation! I get extra energy from Weight loss green store tea , so my performance is not compromised, and I can also look weight and look better by the day!

Greg McCandless says:

Love it! Such an innovative creation. Keep on leading the market in fitness accessories!

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