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Family Drama set in the early 1900s: The Missouri Traveler – Classic Western – During the early 1900s, a runaway Missouri orphan reaches a town where the townsfolk are enchanted with him and where a wealthy rancher and a local newspaperman compete to give him an education.

The Missouri Traveler (1958)
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: John Burress(novel), Norman S. Hall(screenplay)
Stars: Brandon De Wilde, Lee Marvin, Gary Merrill
Genre: Drama, Western, Family
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Kappløpningen
Filming Location: Warner Brothers Burbank Studios – 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA

A runaway orphan, Biarn Turner (De Wilde), attempts to escape his troubles by traveling to Florida during the early 1900’s. He finds his way to a small town where the local newspaper editor, Doyle Magee (Merrill), decides to take the boy in and give him a chance at a regular life. Wealthy local farmer, Tobias Brown (Marvin), also takes an interest in Biarn’s future, but he treats the young man harshly, masking Tobias’ real hidden feelings of affection and genuine concern. Biarn’s mannerisms and willingness to help others, quickly wins the favor of the local townsfolk; And he also proves his worth by preparing a seemingly untrainable horse for a race that the town will hold during their annual 4th of July celebration.

This movie shows us how “the boy from Shane”,has matured, still a soft talking very polite youth. He is a runaway in this movie and is groomed by Lee Marvin, a hard taskmaster who has made a name for himself as the poor boy who made good in this story. He takes unfair advantage of Brandon, but in the process, really teaches the youth some valuable lessons about life and how to take care of himself. These are lessons we can all learn from, and Gary Merrill provides care, comfort, and guidance for Brandon as he overcomes the hard “teaching” of Marvin. The film is anchored by the fine acting of Paul Ford, as usual, a leader of the business community, but with a soft heart for the troubled. This is a great family film, free of Hollywoods blood, guts, sex, and profanity. Written by billydpowell on

Also Known As:
(original title): The Missouri Traveler
Canada (English title): The Missouri Traveler
Finland: Missourin kulkuri
Greece: Ο Ταξιδιώτης του Μιζούρι
Greece (transliterated title): O Taxidiotis tou Mizouri
Mexico: Todo un hombre
Romania: Călătorul din Missouri
Spain: El viajero de Missouri
Sweden: Kappløpningen
UK: The Missouri Traveler
USA: The Missouri Traveler

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Wayne Arnold says:

Awesome old movie

D Lee says:

Gary merrill the newspaper man was a drunk and a wife beater. Sad

Esther Tyrus says:

There may be hope for stiff face Nancy after all. 😁🌬💨🕊

Esther Tyrus says:

Lol, President Trump is everywhere 🤣. He gonna count his money in her bank.🌬💨🕊

Alex Gavrilovic says:

Legend not only acting legend and real man who newer care who is who but judge you how you treat others. Hollywood will newer have actor like Lee Marvin

Tr Whitford says:

A fun watch….

Virginia Steele says:

Are you democrats all murders

John Smith says:

Great film boy so good

Lee Bee Niu says:


Yansh says:

for children and their pets

Kowboy USA says:

This one is always good.

Estelle Adamski says:

Especially now, it would be nice, to live in this innocent, beautiful world of days gone by!

1rockfantic says:

Too bad growing your own food is fast becoming against the law in the US….lol. Good movie though…

john green says:

I have always liked how Mr Brown(Lee Marvin) disrespected that Confederate statue.

Julie St. John says:

I loved every minute of this movie. ❤️ Excellent.

Lucy Lopez says:

What a sweet beautiful movie.

mary thomas says:

It was a pleasure watching this entertaining family movie. The young man was dependable, responsible, never lied, learned quickly, and was kind to animals. He was a good example for children to view. The story takes place in a small town filled with kind people who had to tolerate one rich, selfish, farmer.

Robert D. Carver says:

Transformation and redemption for everyone. Wonderful low-key performances from the entire cast, including Lee Marvin as Brown, who must teach Byron (De Wilde) some hard life lessons. The only trouble with the plot is that Twister–a beautiful horse by any standards–would have had to have been trained earlier.

Yasmine Nazarine says:

I don't like it when comes to the food 😳 such wasting food on the ground. 🧐😳

Paul says:

Brandon deWilde was the kid in 'Shane' with Alan Ladd (1953) just five years before this movie. He died young at age 30 in a traffic accident.

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