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This Carrot Soup is a super healthy recipe, it really made my day the way that it all came together and how delicious it tasted, even for those not practicing veganism, this soup is a great meal choice. I was really happy that I was able to make such a flavorful and delicious vegan meal plant-based, without having to resort to any animal proteins. Most people have a really hard time with vegan meal prep in the beginning because they are still learning how to flavor and incorporate the vegetables into their weight loss or maintenance routines for good recipes. It really pleased me that I was able to put this recipe together with what I had available on hand in my fridge and what needed to be used. I hope you guys try it for yourselves as this is one of my favorite all time Vegan recipes.

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Was thinking of your channel today! You guys on a summer break? You are missed 😀👍👌

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It looks so delicious!!! Thank you!

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d e l i s h !!!!

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Wow, so many good looking recipes.
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Janice Gipson says:

Thanks, of my mouth ready for those flavors. Thinking this would make a great cold dinner soup tonight ☺

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