My First Drive In A Classic Mini! Can A Fiat Fan Be Convinced? (1976 Clubman 998 Automatic Driven)

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Fiat fan Joe has NEVER driven a classic Mini! Will this 998 Automatic in controversial Clubman guise convince him Minis are as good as they say?
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Joe Davidson says:

My dad has a mini clubman from 1974

androo4519 says:

Love it. I had a '75 P-reg Clubman in that exact colour when I was 18. Mine had a white roof though. It was extremely unreliable but I loved it.

Simon Ramsay says:

I like the cute look of the radiator grill on the original Mini, I prefer it to the Clubman, but I understand how it's easier to access & work on the Clubman's engine 👌

Graeme W says:

The Clubman was always my preferred Mini, maybe because my Uncle had one in Harvest Gold back in the day. I'd have to be having an estate one though, far more practical and a great looking 70's car.

Lord Debrick says:

British motors over European any day! But we have Labour/ Mandelson to thank for the complete demise of British industry!

Λογος Λογος says:

The front end ruins Alec's masterpiece.

Sam._.Buswell says:

Hi, love the content recently and this car especially. I’m currently restoring a 1980 Clubman saloon for my first car. I bought it cheap when I was 15 and I’ve been doing it up since may last year. Everyday in the workshop is a lesson and a fun one at that! Keep up the great work mate, cheers

gloooopo says:

Passed my test and bought my first mini city for £250. A couple of years later when it finally couldn't be repaired with filler anymore I bought a modified 1275 GT. Bored out with lighter pistons, straight through exhaust and a fibreglass front end it used to take on the fiesta xr2's and mark1 & 2 escorts and usually come out on top due to the excellent handling and fiesty enginr. Watching this short video brought back the smell and feel from close to 30 years ago like it was yesterday. Back when all you needed to keep it going was a 10mm and 12mm spanner, pair of mole grips and some body filler.
Wish I had the disposable income to buy another today.

John Maxnodiff says:

Best car I ever had 10MVT often drove over 300 miles to holiday destination with 4 adults, 1 child and all the luggage.

Joe Bryant says:

All new Mini marques are SHITE, pretenders, end of.

michael thompson says:

Clubmans were used a police cars where I live. All had 1275 engine were driven 24hrs a day 7 days a week.many had 200k on before they were replaced. They were replaced by vauxhall chevettes, not a patch on these. Always breaking down, also had fiesta 1100 ohv which were superb.

benzinapaul says:

My mother had a Clubman back in 1975, in 1978 she bought a Fiat 127, she's had Italian cars ever since….

Rusty Campbell says:

My first car m reg clubman in 1985 £195 and £250 to insure it. I was 17. 🤣

Jonathan Smith says:

One of our favourite cars to drive was when we borrowed our in-laws 17 year old, near perfect condition, low mileage 1983 mini. We drove it for nearly 2 years. Loved it and still do to this day! Our only regret was that we gave it back instead of buying it off them! They sold it shortly afterwards……

john Eustace says:

It's off topic from the video but I thought I'd ask anyway. Would your team ever review a reliant Scimitar or Peugeot 309. There unique cars made from unique companies.

Jonathan says:

I had a bright orange 1275GT as a second car, completely standard. Loved driving it so much that it actually did more miles than my first car, a BMW E30 325i. Always regret selling it, it would be worth a fortune now

Robin The Mini says:

"The 1275 GT was the first Mini with rev counter"… IN ENGLAND. Spanish & Italians had them before.

martin altria says:

Top gear seems to be a little on the fast side, are you sure the kick down is connected and working ok ?

Adrian Barrett says:

The 1275GT was never marketed as a Mini Clubman. Although it had the Clubman front end it was simply called the Mini 1275GT. And I would love to own one!

Jamie O'gorman says:

I had a clubman in 94 it was brg on the inside but sprayed dajrk blue on the outside, deseamed.
The engine mounts went and as I drove on to my driveway the engine broke loose.
It was a great fun car until the slightest sign of rain 😂..
I was stranded several times when it rained, I carried wd40 everywhere.

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