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Hey everyone! So these are my top 10 favorite restaurants/eateries I visit in AND around Boston. (Actually, there still isn’t a lot of vegan restaurants in Boston proper just yet, so you’ll find that most places are in and around the Cambridge area). Anyways, I have the list below. Hope you guys enjoy!

For more vegan restaurants, visit https://www.happycow.net.

1. Taco Party – Somerville
2. VO2 Cafe – Cambridge and Somerville
3. Veggie Galaxy – Cambridge
4. My Thai Vegan Cafe – Boston (Chinatown)
5. By Chloe – Fenway, Seaport
6. Belmont Vegetarian – Worcester (1 hr away)
7. Kaju Tofu House – Allston
8. Nirvana – Cambridge
9. Clover – Cambridge, Burlington
10. Fomu – Allston

Music: “Walk” by Ikson https://m.soundcloud.com/ikson

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JD D says:

How many are gluten free? Zero?

plantbasedketocat says:

belmont reminds me of london's eat of eden hehe

Ella Angie says:

Thank you for this video ♥️♥️

Lucid Dream Tarot says:

Taco party is disgusting

william smith says:

Belmont Cafe is like a full hour drive away from Boston in another city called Worcester great food but doesn't make any sense to include in a list of Boston restaurants

soschadao says:

we just got a new vegan restaurant in quincy. it’s inside kam man market

Rosimeire Conceiçâo Paes says:

Deu até água na boca

wmsproductions says:

Thanks for sharing, great info

AR D says:

Yuck my thai vegan cafe is one of the worst vegan food I have ever had. No flavour and an insult to vegan and most of all thai food. On top of it all the staff and owner are extremely rude. I don't recommend anyone to go there.

Dexter Haven says:

3:00 that is big issue in many cafes, I think. I was in a cafe last week and had to go outside to breathe. They should plan ahead with more fans. I won't go back there now. And they ere not even crowded at the time.

vital instinct88 says:

It’s sad that each one of these are plagued with soy

shadow one says:

Thank you for sharing. I will try all these places. I am not vegan but I love eating outside. Being Muslim I can't eat meat from all resturants. (I can eat only halal meat, from all resturants we are always contious about ingredients). I am glad that in boston there are so much options in vegan resturants.

Crisval AN says:

Obrigado pelas dicas

Tanya Lake says:

When I searched for Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant a few minutes ago, your video came up.

Then, when I clicked on it, and read the title, I felt mislead, and sonewhat disappointed at first.

I'm glad I ended up watching it to find out that you spoke about Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant.

I became vegetarian a few months ago, and found out about that restaurant, and I'm dying to try their food, and because I was also born in the Caribbean.

Thanks for sharing your review(s)!

Kristina Elizabeth says:

Can't believe you didn't put Grasshopper on this list! It's so delicious, classic americanized Chinese food and it's just a couple store fronts over from Fomu!

Vegan Tina says:

I’m going home to visit Boston next week for a month and haven’t been back in a year and a half, been living in Germany and cannot wait to try some of your recommendations! 🙏🏼♥️

Dessert Geek says:

I'm so glad Boston has a vegan scene! I like meat and all, but with enough friends with food allergies it's nice to be able to feed everyone. (And I hope the move goes great!)

schmanker says:

Thank you for the video, I also live in the Boston area, but have never heard of some of these like taco party or the o2 cafe. You briefly mentioned life alive, but it wasn't on your list. ? Anyway, thanks for he info, I like your channel. Good luck in London. 😊

Paws says:

Welcome to London! By Chloe is coming to London too (January 2018), so you won't need to miss it !

Gaia Andrea Compagni says:

thanks for this video! I really hope it doesn't get blocked for the music copyright at the beginning, this is awesome information! XD
I can't wait for the London edition!

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