We Bought A Ford Cortina Mk3! A Classic Ford Joins The Fleet (1974 1.6 L Driven)

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With our Mk3 Escort and Puma project cars sadly departed, we thought it time to add an older classic Ford to the Classics World fleet. Joe took a 500 mile drive up to Edinburgh to meet our new Mk3 Cortina!
See the Cortina at Ford Fair 2021: https://www.fastcar.co.uk/ford-fair/
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Sylvia Campbell says:

Beautiful example of a 70's coke bottle from my teen years in the 1970's! Memories from these being so common on British roads at the time. I had the 1.6 XL and 2.0 E metallic purple and bronze respectively. The 1.6 was capable of over 100mph, what else do you need?

Mike says:

You need a sticker on the back saying: Pas op rooinek!

paul broderick says:

It seems that just being old gives a vehicle a 'classic' status. Ridiculous. Most of them were just rust buckets.

Watch fan says:

Mk4 interior?

gunther prien says:

No "strut tops" on a MK3

Tree Fiddy says:

My friend had a yellow Mk3 contina and he would pick me up from home and we would go for a run

Off Grid says:

My absolute favorite Mk3 would be a 2.0GXL in gold. Park that in my garage next to a 3.0GT Capri and an early FD Ventora and I'd be a happy man.

MyJon64 says:

Strut tops!

Russell Wade says:

Good buy 👍

Jack Warner says:

I kept being distracted by that Suzuki X7 up on the shelf! Can we see that please? I had a couple of Mark 3 Cortinas in the early 1980's. They were everywhere then, I couldn't wait to get myself the Mark Four Cortina. I had 4 of them and loved them. I still have dreams about the last one I had and sold in 1989.

Matt fo says:

Dad had the same colour and spec; which I inherited. 73' model, traded it in For a Fiat Uno when the head gasket went in July 86'. Fond memories of SLO491L.

KayakTN says:

I'm jealous. Now if I could only find a left-hand-drive one for the US. The last one I found was in Spain but was out of my budget.

It was pretty nice.

Dave Hamlyn says:

In South Africa, the Mk3 Cortina also came out with a 2.5 and 3.0 litre Essex V6 engines , know as the Big Six Cortinas

Clive Frear says:

Lovely car. My first car was its twin in the same Sebring Red! Black seats Ilo the beige in this one.

Mino says:

Being from South Africa, I was confused at first when he says something was different 🤣

Shakel Shaik says:

True collector's gem. I am a great fan of old school fords. I have a 74 mark3 cortina bakkie that is just like the featured car😘. Great car

barry phillips says:

In a RWD saloon the gear change feels good because the gear lever goes directly into the gear box without linkages etc like in FWD cars.

Old bloke Walking hiking backpacking says:

What can I say? You had to be there back in the day. This was a wallowing barge of a car. Handling was soft and floaty, and sitting in the back could induce sickness. The engines and gearboxes were superb. Slick gear changes were easy. I loved the GT versions because the dash had the extra gauges. But not my favourite Cortina. I preferred the mk2 and the 1600E was lovely, even if the paint job was flaky.

Evan W says:

You drove past me today in this Cortina near Stamford

kevmv1 says:

I had a 2.0 mk 3 and a 4.1L mk4. The 6cyl was great in a straight line but handled like a boat. Surprised many v8s though.

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