What I ate in a WEEK as a VEGAN!! (REALISTIC + EASY MEALS)

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Welcome to my very first “What I Eat in a Week” video! This is an example of what a vegan eats in a week… Might not be super instagram worthy, but this is reality!

WHAT I ATE IN A WEEK #2 – https://youtu.be/KPLpa0HuKQI

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Sarah M says:

9:18 "hhhiiiiii Rose…"😂😂

Marie Newcomb says:

do you make your own tofu cream cheese?

Belle says:

Lol,Like my Mom she could eat anything for breakfast and make you want some of it! Ahha!

Rebecca Littleton says:

I had ramen for breakfast once and my stepdad said that was gross and i was like ??? ramen tastes the same no matter the time of day????

Roslyn Stiles says:

I always love weekly meal prep ideas

mrow says:

What kind of hummus?

Catherine Ritch says:

I love cheese what is the replacement for delicious cheese and where can I buy it?

Satan says:

I literally can have anything for breakfast. Sometimes left over dinner from night before.

Capricorn Gal says:

You have such good food combinations

Shy’s Art studio says:

I’m vegan but I don’t eat healthy a lot . I would say most vegans eat healthier than me . I don’t think I could eat that many raw vegetables ever

Lina Survilaite says:

I LOVE Mondays!!! 😃

slowfire2 says:

Lovely ideas for stressed-out people with little to no kitchen experience. Ive had so many different people with no skills in vegan cooking, when I got help with cooking and eating. IM hoping that Ill be allowed and enabled to eat proper cooked food in the future. Saving your tips for that time.

Linda Vilela says:

you're the master of lazy, holy shit! such lazy, simple and delicious-looking food AHHHHH
since i am lazy too, might as well trying to master it with creativity LIKE YOU GUUUURL

nicole avery says:

Why would I “like” the video before I even watch it to know if I liked it or not

Sound Author says:

My stepdad from Long Island also says "quaffee".

Abed Sarsur says:

Have you ever considered rasing your own backyard chicken, that way you can get eggs without supporting the egg industry that put chicken in overcrowded areas for the sole purpose of selling their eggs, I think it's ok for vegans to eat eggs from their own chicken, eggs are basically a chick in development, but it cannot think or feel yet…
Eggs have Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Choline (which most vegans lack), etc…

Cheets 😉

Blake says:

A kFC ad played during this video 😂

Rodney Darling says:

What about the Bellpeppers?

lea powell says:

you had a bunch of good food

Amanda Nicole says:

I don’t mean this the way it may sound but Koreans can cook. We had some great friends growing up and they would invite us over and every time I would go home thinking why doesn’t my mom cook like this. Still love all kinds of food Korean, Italian, Chinese Japanese etc

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