What McDonald’s Menu Items Look Like Around The World

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McDonald’s is the second-biggest fast-food chain in the world, offering menu items that differ depending on where you are. Whether it’s the McSpicy Paneer in India or McFalafel in Sweden, McDonald’s menu items vary to fit a country’s culture. Let’s take a look at different McDonald’s menu items around the world.

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What McDonald’s Menu Items Look Like Around The World


_.miik. says:

In korea i think we have what it is called, bulgogi burger. Idk i haven't been in a Mcdonalds in a long time lol. I see more burger king in korea than Mcdonalds but i can never be sure. (maybe its just the area i grew up in lol)

SCI - FUN says:

when I tried in india and i am from india, its so cool

F.T says:

My profile pic says it all that I want to try all of them

Isabelle Armstrong says:

united states the back ground king of looks like ferron from roilty family

Zen says:

Lol only Indonesia serve fried chicken and fries, I thought every countries had it

Erynn Roberts says:

Is just me but why would you dip your chips in a mucfluire

brintha vijaya kumar says:

Malaysian McDonald's had slicy chicken Mcdeluxe, nasi lemak with their special sauce and spicy chicken, real mcflurry flavours that change according to the fruit season throughout the year😍 cool pie flavours too!

Turk Burk 2 says:

Thing being Us swedes make falafel and such cause muslims complained there were no halal items

Phoenix playz says:

sigh bruh where tf is Malaysia and u guys put Indonesia but not Malaysia?
for f sake

Baby Cupcake says:

I enjoy their oreo ice cream

TheLocalNoob says:

I heard in Germany you can get beer at Mcdonalds

NovA Clapz says:

Ayo we have kit kat mc flurry in dubai😠

Nguyên Đình Võ says:

You should try the vietnam mcdonnalds rice, its really delicious!

Matthew Downey-simpson says:

I cannot believe that in some countries they actually serve food on a proper plate!!!

Boy Cho Durendes says:

You skip our Mac Spaghetti. The Philippines sweet spaghetti with cut hotdogs instead of meat balls.

Jk47Mga4 says:

No Australia whyyyyyy

tony PoWeLl Leeds United says:

I'm from the UK and you can't get all that here at all , there's no such thing as a special addition menu

Milli Dobrich says:

In Australia we used to have a Nerds McFlurry 🥲

Crafty girls says:

Yay my country India came !!

Triangle says:

Hongkong isnt a country. It belonged to china historically, was governed over by britain 1841 to 1997 and was given back to china on 1997. Just cause people r protesting doesnt mean they can just become an independent country

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