WGN Channel 9 – Family Classics Holiday Party -"Meet Me In St. Louis" (Open, Breaks, & Ending, 1984)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s the intro, a few commercial breaks and ending of the Family Classics special “Holiday Party” presentation of the Judy Garland period musical “Meet Me in St. Louis” [1944] on WGN Channel 9. The host, as usual, was Frazier Thomas – this time decked out in a tuxedo for this unusual prime-time airing. Includes:

Sponsor billboard for Burger King (voiceover by Merri Dee)

Special Thanksgiving-themed opening, followed by Frazier introducing film

Opening titles, and ending moments, of movie

Promo for 7 O’Clock Movie presentation of 1973 version of “Miracle on 34th Street,” for Sunday, November 25th at 9:00pm (voiceover by Merri Dee)

Commercial: Venture 2-Day Sale

Commercial: Waterbed Mart Christmas Sale – no payments till March 1985 (what little kid had a waterbed?)

Commercial: Avis Rent-a-Car

Frazier previews Sunday’s Family Classics presentation of “Shenandoah” [1965] (opening for which can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfROP7Jtplk ), and promises selected scenes after next break

Commercial: Burger King Flame-Broiled Doubles – (C) 1984 Burger King Corporation – with a girls sleepover theme talking about what girls normally talk about at a sleepover – how McDonald’s cooks their hamburgers

Commercial: “Noëlco” Razors (with animated Santa riding one)

Commercial: Stouffer’s Pizza (jingle sung by Jake Holmes)

Commercial: Pulsar Quartz watches (ending voiceover by Merri Dee)

Promo for The Love Boat, for weeknights at 10:30pm (voiceover by Merri Dee)

Excerpt from “Shenandoah” shown

Sponsor billboard for Burger King (voiceover by Merri Dee)

Frazier bids goodbye and advises viewers of the next Family Classics Holiday Party Special for December 11th (where they presented “Three Godfathers” [1948], and once again previewing “Shenandoah” for Sunday at 3:30pm

Ending title sequence

Preview of Nine O’Clock News with Denise Cannon and Rick Rosenthal, with following items:

– Social Services feeding of needy for Thanksgiving

– Turkish immigrant reopening his restaurant for holiday

– East Peoria family of four killed in house fire

– West Side fire kills 2 and injures 2

– Kankakee County woman held on charges she plotted to kill her husband’s ex-wife

– Roy Leonard’s look at International Film Festival

Commercial: White Castle hamburgers – “Based on a true story” – 2 kids who petitioned local government to have a White Castle restaurant built nearby them

Commercial: Anbesol mouth pain reliever

Commercial: Visa – America’s Freedom Fabric by Milliken – with Barbara Mandrell

Commercial: Vector all-season radial tires (main voiceover almost sounds like James Earl Jones)

Station ID with nature scenes and “Happy Thanksgiving” wishes (voiceover by Floyd Brown)

This aired on local Chicago TV on Thursday, November 22nd 1984 (Thanksgiving Day) during the 7:00pm to 9:30pm timeframe.

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guy azbell says:

This show was manditory viewing at our house before church every Sunday throughout all the 70,s.

Jonathan Creveling says:

Poor Frazier. This was his first and only holiday party with Wgn, his last Thanksgiving and Christmas, before his passing on April 3 1985. He had only a little over 4 months left to live. Yet he seemed so calm and cheerful

Kyle Kenley Kopitke says:

It is December 24th, 2019. Each Christmas Eve, I spend a few minutes with Frazier Thomas and Family Classics. What a Blessing from Almighty God to have such a positive influence in my youth. His Peace to you, Kyle

Dream Corp. says:

I wish they'd hold off the Xmas stuff till long AFTER Thanksgiving

jason fletcher says:

12:34 – who does that cover version of Only You by Yazoo?

Carolyn Argabright says:

That was the days when seeing these Christmas ads got me excited for Christmas, not now though.

Ken Carney says:

I remember watching this program
every sunday afternoon. Now THAT was good TV. Not like the
trash they csll programming these
days. Frazier Thomas was a class
act through and through. Was sad
to see him, and this fine program
disappear from the air waves for
good. RIP Mr. Thomas, we still
miss you.

chiefwaz says:

double thumbs up for the Norelco Santa

Jasper Murphy says:

I missed the special on Dec 8th. I thought they had brought the show back for every Sunday. Yes I also get goose bumps everytime I hear that theme song. Frazier Thomas was wonderful.

Fixy Clary says:

I grew up in East Texas but we actually had WGN Channel 9 on our cable system so I recognize some of these commercials! And what's ironic is that where I now live in Central Minnesota we have the westernmost White Castle in the US.

525Lines says:

On December 8, WGN is doing a Family Classics special.

bigO! plabax says:

Can't stop laughing at that Burger King spot. The Avis ad reminds me of that impression Steve Martin went through in 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles'.

theylied1776 says:

I don't care how old I get, every time I hear that Family Classics theme I am still that little kid in front of the television.

Tim Harper says:

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for another WGN gem

MTN - A Rainbow Pastures Company says:

The movie "Meet Me in St. Louis" is still a great movie. You should get the full movie on DVD on Amazon.

bdbrooks says:

Wow . This was my 3rd Birthday

Samantha Nickson says:

i was 17 at the time of this airing, and no doubt watching this channel. ah, good times. 😁

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