Bee Gees,Carpenters, Ric Segreto, Eric Clapton(best of classic)

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a smoothe throwback


Nurul Ain Zakaria says:

This is soo relaxing. Even though im 26 years old. But i love oldies, 🥰🥰🥰

IamMyDogsHuman adina says:

Oldies but goodies I’m on my 40s rather listen to this kind of song than what now… love oldies 🥰🥰🥰

Glenn Ramos says:

Nakakaiyak……tulo luha ko sa mga magaganda music……kong puwede lang ibalik ang kahapon

belunga says:

Im 9 yrs old but i vibe it i know the beat it vibes and cool

Nona Yu says:

I love that Ric Segreto is included in this collection.

Aaron Lopez says:


Ak Aken says:

great day for u, as long u are happy with it

Veronica Simone says:

awwee thanks for this babe

Richella Llames says:

I'm kinda feeling old today and this got recommended. Just the right vibe.

Jywel Mendoza says:

I was born 2000’s but I love this kind of music💓

Janrodg Mendoza says:

I'm just freaking fourteen years old and I love watching and listening to these kind of musics

KYXI Gaming says:

My baby's lullaby. She easily fell asleep when I played these songs. She has a great taste in music 😆❤️

Rjay Casialdo says:

Whenever I hear these music it brings me back to the time when I was still a little girl playing on the floor while my mom is enjoying her coffee listening to these kind of music. Nostalgic as what they say.

Rhoda Sheila Osorio says:

I love the maybe its time song its giving me vintage vibes like for real

Adam Vargas says:

Still the best song's 💖

Chad Alferez says:

Feels good, Washing our clothes together with my wife listening to this, Love you all 🇵🇭👏

meimei cristobal says:

all in the playlist was my father's fave song….10 years gone and i miss him so much…


i’m i the only one who still love this kind of music? so pure, so memorable

Harley Louisse Balubar says:

inner peace.

Mery Espinoza Delao says:

I want second part…

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