Cozy Vegan Soups & Stews | Easy + Healthy 🥣

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It’s soup season ya’ll!! Add these to your rotation of soups and stews to warm ya soul 🙂

Curried Coconut Tomato Soup:

Broccoli Mac & Cheese Soup:

Creamy White “Chicken” Chili:

1 Pot Minestrone:

✘ B L O G:
✘ I N S T A G R A M:
✘ T U M B L R:
✘ P I N T R E S T:
✘ C O N T A C T

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Noir Bloom- Eli
pastel sunsets- rainlord
Dreaming – smuf
sad and boujee – elijah who

Filmed on Canon T6i
Edited on Final Cut Pro X

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SoundToxin says:

The recipe links are all dead. Does anyone have backups?

DB says:

Omg I've just found your channel and it's amazing!!

patty 8873 says:

I like that your soups are more on the thick side, which is how I like them. I find most soup recipes are way too thin and watery.

Back to Eden says:

These are really inspiring me to get in the kitchen again. Totally love this video and will be making the un-chicken chili tonight! I think my non-vegan husband will love it, too (along with the cheesy broccoli soup). Subbed!

Soph Eco says:

These look sooo good, and so happy to see recipes that are ideal for meal prep!

Ray Radiance says:

Lisa, you have the best recipes because they are soooooooo full of flavor, like BIG flavor

Anh Lã says:

all of these recipes look amazing, I can't wait to try your vegan cream cheese as well!

Healing mood says:

Nice and tasty things. Yummy! Look at that minestrone

Annaliese says:

Yo girl I don't even like soup but I am going to make ALL OF THESE. They look amazing and really hearty!!! I guess my issue with soup is that I'm always still starving after I eat it, but dayum these look like they will be a legit meal. SOUP FOR DAYSSS

Michelle Quintia VLOGS says:

Can you do soup recipes without onions, tomatoes, beans , tofu & mushrooms? PLEASE… My daughter is hypersensitive to those ingredients. Frustrating, I know. 😩😫😢

Julie Oyundo says:

I've been craving soup bc it's been so cold. These all looked so good!! I'd leave out the vegan shrimp in the first one though bc it kinda weirded me out.

Franchesca Pepaj says:

if you add in tofu to the soups
do you cook it first like bake or pan fry?

Kai Chen says:

Is vegan good for your skin? (I have acne)

Mariame kane says:

This look incredibly tasty 😋😋

labella42071 says:

That shrimp looked so real I was sad . I thought another YouTuber gave up being vegan 😂 Great looking soups, thanks!

Rebecca Gaddy says:

Mmmm I’m getting over a bad cold right now and all of these look so good!

Lani in LA says:

That chili looks super yummy!

The Tasty Vegan says:

These all look amazing!😍 Stews are so cozy in the winter😊

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