Spinach side dish (Sigeumchi-namul: 시금치나물)

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Sigeumchi-namul is a Korean side dish (banchan) made of blanched spinach seasoned with soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil. The spinach is only slightly cooked, leaving it a little crispy, but still soft and tasty.
full recipe: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/sigumchi-namul

Because it’s so easy to make and so delicious, it’s a very popular and common side dish among Koreans. For many Koreans an easy, simple everyday meal consists of rice, kimchi, a stew (often doenjang-jjigae), kongnamul-muchim (a bean sprout side dish), and sigeumchi-namul.


Noreen Lin says:

How long can it be preserved in fridge?

maria luzinete clementino rocha says:

Oi linda.
É bem bacana está tua receita.

Cooking with Mamma jee says:

Wow beautiful salad

Shilpi Cooking Home says:

I just love you'r videos so much. The way u present everything is so catchy it makes me smile. Thank u for the recipes unnie.

Shilpi Cooking Home says:

I just love you're videos so much.

TheAlexis4444 says:

Didn't you put any salt in it?

Mukesh Makwana says:

Nice recipe

F J says:

Absolutely delicious! Thank you for the fantastic lunch I just made Maangchi <3

only thought says:

Can we cook/fry/heat this in a pan a little after adding sesame oil?

Nat Atherden says:

Thank you this recipe is great. I have to change it a little as my boyfriend is allergic to raw garlic and onion but I can gently steam or fry them and then add. I also have different spinach (Silverbeet & Perennial Spinach) but I am going to try the recipe with them.

Elizabeth Galvan says:

Thank You so much i’am one of your fan, been adapting your recipe since.

Silvana Okedurum says:

Your hands make me remember my mom

Anonymous says:

I cook the spinach it was good

Muhammad Syazwan says:

Where can I get this knife?

Jacob Lenin says:

God bless you

Lesevesel says:

That looks amazing, Chef! I will try this.

Elle Oi says:

So you keep the root and eat it, too?

Born Again says:

nicely explained , great Job, Nuna

Laily Hamzah says:

Love maangchi channel

Ilan Shtrikman says:

Thanks, delicious. Can you recommend Celery side dish? Carrot side dish?

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