Top 10 “Vegetarian” Foods Which Aren’t Actually Vegetarian

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Top 10 “Vegetarian” Foods Which Aren’t Actually Vegetarian

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Vegetarians beware: there are pieces of dead animals everywhere! If you’ve decided to stop eating meat, you might soon realize that it’s not just the obvious meat products you have to give up. The more research you do, the more you realize there are bits of animals or meat by-products in all types of food that you assumed were vegetarian.

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10. Apples
9. Fries
8. Vegetarian Fast Food Meals
7. Red Foods
6. Ice Cream
5. White Sugar
4. Cheese
3. Alcohol
2. Yogurt
1. Bread

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Dwayne Langerhr says:

I am proud to say that I live a Vegan-Free lifestyle.

Big Spruce Rabbitry says:

And those are just the ingredients on the label. There are plenty of roaches and mice ground up in your flour so no bread, pasta, cereal, or other grain or veggie oil food is truly meat free. Plants aren't even vegetarians. No moral judgment on if you are a vegetarian, but anything commercially processed will have an allowed amount of "contamination" so unless you grow and harvest everything yourself it is not possible to be a purist.

Misplaced says:

This video makes me think 2 things…. 1. People should just stop being so freaking fussy and be grateful they have access to food at all.
2. Can these people have blood transfusions and organ transplants? Humans are animals after all.

Collie says:

I usta work in a kitchen where we had a awesome and unique veggie burger, a blend of vegetables dried in house and whole grains, BUT what was surprising was how many people ordered it with bacon. Always weird.
"I love the veggie burger but I dont want to eat a vegetarian meal"

hankw69 says:

McDonald's used to have great fries because of BEEF tallow. Now they are bland and lousy. Once again, just vegans just proving to the rest of us that they suck…

Knight Wing says:

I'm amazed you didn't mention gummy worms/bears.

Debbie Major Photography says:

I'm not a vegetarian, but there are things on that list that I wouldn't want to eat now!!

Randall Petroelje says:

Hahaha!! I learned that awhile ago. I’m not a vegan , but as a chef I’ve cooked for them. I had to list every ingredient/ allergens . I’m not in the culinary business anymore. Thanks

red apples says:

I know Simon has some interesting pronunciations, but the way he says yogurt is just how we pronounce it in England.

Patrick Kimbrough says:

Are we all just going with this whole Vegetarian means no animal byproducts thing? I could have sworn in the 90s we all called that Vegan

Bethany Hanna says:

I am going to crack up, if I go to the store and see "vegetarian" fruits and vegetables. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Brenna Kai says:

All organic apples are vegetarian, just so you know. In your grocery store, there is usually a separate section for organic fruits. They are a little bit more expensive, but they are also better for you

Vincent Petrovsky says:

How about the Top 10 "Vegetarian" Foods that involve killing the plant from which they're obtained?

Jennifer Abeille-Bourdon says:

Vanilla ice cream flavoring comes from the scent sacs of beavers

Mr. Quercus Mischievous Wizard-Knight says:

Yep! 😉 This is why the vegan diet is just very hard to follow and not worth it! 😝 Just stick to being an omnivore like everybody else! 😉 XD

H T says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing, TopTenz!!! OM Shanti Shanti Shanti, Hari-OM …it's not only what goes into your mount, IT's what comes out… It seems as if, what ever goes around, comes around, and occasionally multiply

Troow says:

In old days, fruit sellers would rub the apples, and other shiny fruits and vegetables, on their nose bridge and polish them with a cloth. Was the most shiny they could get them

Steve H says:

In other words, if you want to be terrified to eat anything, don't eat anything. More for us.- Its lame to be afraid of everything; just use common sense and don't believe so-called experts. They want afraid to eat anything.

Kayleigh Furia says:

The way Simon says "yogurt" makes me smile 😇
Keep up the great work team! Side note: this video might be more helpful for vegetarians switching to veganism. Thank you for the informative and interesting video!

Mermaid We says:

Thanks interesting. I have been bothered by your pronouciations of words, and realized i was expecting u to know the American way of pronouncing words. Now i realize American is only one country and rather enjoy your accent.

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