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Do you have a favorite vegan artist? Here are ten plant-based musicians that have gone from singing on beats to eating beets.

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Warwick Stanford says:

That woman is not vegan “Lizzo” if she is still eating bacon and egg, that does not make any sense.

Humperdoo Saves says:

Meat free, but wear leather shoes and a million other product made from animal products, in fact this very screen / phone etc contains animal products, will you go offline and live in the woods? Of course not. Don't be hypocritical.

I am not against not eating meat, in fact i regularly use soy based stuff which is getting increasingly better, other products, but eating / using no animals is a myth. What we can do is not overdo it. Eat and use less meat etc. This will take a long time, but it's the best we can do.

At least i am being honest about it.

Veggie Monkie says:

Some things ive heard about Billie being vegan confuse me tho, like apparently Billie still eats hot cheetos(they contain dairy so they aren't vegan) I think? Ive also heard that she rides horses( technically a vegan grey area but there are still many vegans upset by this)And her music videos have live animals in them occasionally, for example im unsure of who cares for or how they care for the anaconda/ python named archie that wrapped around her last music video for "your power" and she also used live spiders in the making of the music video for "you should see me in a crown. " and people also speculate about the wings featured in the music video"all the good girls go to hell" and whether they are made with real feathers or if they were specialty made fake feathers ( theres no such thing as faux feathers being sold commercially atm)

Samuel Engle says:

You really need to look at Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. She has been vegan for 20years. She has done and is doing some incredible work.

Diksha Dixit says:

Zak Abel is vegan too and wrote a very fun vegan song as well <3

Kalvin Nue says:

You know, I’ve never seen an Animal Rights activist protest in a March for Life rally.

Edgar Savignon says:

Moby & Ariana 💚💙 they my favorites 🎶 I've been a vegan for a year, and I'm loving it! 🌱🌎

Rayyan Al-Beladi says:

VEGAN rocks, literally.

Sylvia Kitchen says:

Moby and is especially appreciated, as he uses his social
media platforms and restaurant to make a big difference for the movement. All are appreciated!

Help, I'm lost. says:

Celebrities whether actors, singers or any other type of celebrity are to fickle to be taken seriously. If it fits their agenda they'll be vegan. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The veggster Good day says:

i just resubbed my old you tube account got banned without anny heads up without anny explination.

Кенжетайұлы says:

I don't understand why you guys worship them . It doesn't matter wether hilter was vegan or gandhi was . Also that elleish girl is cringe. She once told she doesn't cares

Mel says:

I don't think Ariana Grande is vegan anymore, she worked with Starbucks and had a drink created for her that was not vegan, and she worked with a fashion brand that designed something made of leather… She also licked a non-vegan donut and purchased food from them when she was supposedly "vegan". Clearly she doesn't want to get hated on for not being vegan anymore.

vnt vnt says:

The aren't vegan if they use animals clothes

Tom Rushfeldt says:

Mýa looks even more beautiful now than she did in the early 2000's. Must be the vegan lifestyle.

b R says:

“Diagnosed with cholesterol” 😆

Vegan_Semih_Cyprus_33 says:

A must see lecture: The untold secret of civilization (101): https://youtu.be/8PQ4svtAfmI

Taff says:

NLE Choppa also mentioned that he is vegan in his new song😌💯

aba r says:

I don’t trust any of them anymore for everything that has happened. I hope they keep this lifestyle, and truly wish them the best, regardless of what they desire to do at the end. If they change, it’s okay for you to be confused, but don’t let that stop you from what you really believe.

Dan Bifano says:

Moby didn’t do any favors to the vegan movement by being wicked creepy towards, Natalie Portman. He kept on insisting upon they “had sex” together, and she was 17 or 18, meanwhile he was in his 30s at the time. It was just really creepy to watch his Instagram feed around then, which went on and on for about a month. Fuck Moby

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