Tasting The BEST Vegan Hot Dogs?!

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distant_sounds says:

In Australia, using a sausage on a hot dog bun is called a Sausage Dog. I really like the Field Roast Apple & Sage ones for my Sausage Dogs with bbq sauce and mustard.


Aldi meatless vegan hotdogs r my favorite 😋

airatak says:

Light Life and Field Roast are part of the same company if anyone was wondering and they used to be owned by ConAgra. Currently owned by a Canadian Meat Packaging company

Carolyn C says:

I thought the Beyond Meat brats needed a lot more flavor and salt, but it had a good texture. I really wanna try the Field Roast ones!

bird of the abyss says:

you’re like The View but Vegan

Jessica Krone says:

Light life is nasty so automatically made me think you guys are not being so honest I’ve tried them with 10 other people and we all though it was not good and taste nothing like a hotdog

Red Daisy says:

The Beyond Brats are definitely brats style… if one is looking for that then they are spot on. You guys did really good and stayed on target with trying to choose a 'hot dog' because that was what I think the taste test was supposed to be about. Glad to know as far as adults- the Frankfurters are the one to have. Thanks!

Tara says:

The lightlife hot dogs are gross. Fieldroat and tofurkey are the bomb.

Charity Murphy says:

I love the MorningStar veggies dogs. Their corn dogs are bomb too!

Jeff Duvall says:

wrong—-you are missing the best vegan hotdog ever —-loma linda's –Big Franks

VintageJudie says:

I make zuppa toscana with the hot italian beyond 🤤

Taishi Singleton says:

Wouldn't you need a vegan grill though? Not to be smart, but you're putting your dogs on meat burnt juicy grills.

Suzy Rabideau says:

At what temperature and for how long do you bake the Beyond Brats?

ValseMusic says:

How about one on the best vegan frozen hors d'oeuvres? Amy's margherita pizza swirls, Field Roast mini corn dogs, Gardein crabless cakes, Tofurky pockets, Quorn fishless sticks, Dr. Praeger's kale puffs, etc.

hawaiisunfun says:

13:55 I love how all the foods are placed into where they belong in a meal rather than following the label, as that's what makes veganism work!

roamsy says:

Yves! Yves is so underrated…I havent had them in a while bc they have gluten but I remember them being miles better than the smart dogs.

madonna816 says:

We need to collectively let go of personal purity. It’s not helping the animals, it doesn’t further veganism, and veganism is not about humans. We are subjected to cross contamination on the regular, whether we know it or not. Get over being confronted with it, for them. Focus on what matters. You didn’t pay for animal products & you likely weren’t raised vegan. Let go of your newfound ‘ick’ factor. It lets you connect to the humans you’re hoping to reach (& remember that you literally were that person), and your messaging can then come from a perspective outside of yourself. They desperately need us to learn how to better communicate better.

Nyaduar Puok says:

1. Beyond Sausage
2. Lightlife Smart dogs
Field Roast taste horrible.

cherryblossom0426 says:

Trying to implement vegan foods into my life, thank you for these taste tests! I don’t want to be wasteful trying to find the best ones myself!!

Jenny clark says:

Why are they rating sausages with hot dogs?

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