The Health Benefits of Going Vegan with Dr. Barnard | The Exam Room Podcast

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Dr. Neal Barnard talks about the many health benefits of adopting a plant-based diet! Improves heart health, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and boosts weight loss!

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odudu says:

Dr Awole is like a God in human form, I permanently got a complete healing after using the roots and herbs supplements I ordered from Dr Awole on YouTube for Eliminating my long term HSV 1&2…

Gabriel Jesus says:

Won’t stop testifying to the world about your kind gesture how you cured me off genital herpes thank a lot Dr Awole on YouTube….

Gregory M says:

Veganism leads to being gaunt scrawny and sickly. Metabolic diseases become normal in Veganism .Real trouble

Charlie Morrison says:

I thought I reversed it 9 years ago but now I am having a little trouble keeping the sugars under control. I was a full blown diabetic for over 21 years and two years ago, some symptoms came back.

Carter retraC says:

Get rid of the soft drinks, get rid of the crackers and junk food. Yes
Now add meat so you actually get the nutrients you need instead of empty plants.

Prakash P says:

Could see supplement grinding corpse in a shirt and pants 😂

Tee Gee says:


Sheila Hendrix says:

May ❤God 💛Be 💙With 💚Everyone 💛Always💙 Much💚 Love Blessings 💛Always 🎇💯💛😇🌐🌈💚💙💛💫💛💛💫❤❤

Sheila Hendrix says:

Peace💚 and 💙Blessings 💜Too My Brother's ❤May💙 God 💜Bless Everyone❤ Always 💙May 💜God Bless💛 Everyone ❤Richly 💜with everything💚 they 💙need 💜Always Much💛 Love❤ Blessings 💜Always 🎇💯💛😇🌐🌈💜💙❤💛💛💛❤❤💛💛❤✌💯

JJacob23_ says:

God and Jesus love you

Dharia Lurie says:

Vegans age faster long term. It is still good to have some animal products here and there.

Norbert Kiraly says:

be nice if youtube's algo stopped autplaying me this seventh day adventist bullshit

Steven Jenkins says:

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lucas mason says:

Hello everyone am here to share with y'all how i was able to get rid of my hsv through the use of herbs from Dr okosun on YouTube, thanks dr okosun and God bless

wadsmitter says:

He sounds like Jeff Goldblum

Kay Allen says:

LMAO oh yes, I'll take nutrition advice from SKELETOR DR. BARNARD !!!!! No way!!

Jeff says:

What a great interview!

Randy Hollier says:

Thank you prof dr bernard i love your vboicew etyou arar eveier convisecting and i love vegan food i was 8 years so far lets sgo for 10

Susan McMiller says:

If you want to truly clean vegan protein powder get Probase Nutrition Vegan Protein Powders.

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