Cabbage Rolls / Polish Gołąbki – Easy to Follow, Step by Step Recipe

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Jenny Jones shows her step-by-step recipe for delicious & healthy Cabbage Rolls ( Polish Gołąbki ) stuffed with rice and beef.


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Polish Paczki –
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Jenny Can Cook says:

MORE VIDEOS? I appreciate that so many people have asked for more videos but I have no immediate plans to make more, for several reasons.
• I’m supposed to be retired!
• I don’t have a staff – It’s just me.
• It was just a hobby and I wasn’t prepared for this many views.
• I can’t answer all the questions and then I feel bad for not helping.
• Now I feel bad for not making more!

Thank you for all the love and appreciation. I will try to find time to make more but it won’t be for a while. Many questions are answered in my website FAQs and I continue to post new recipes there. – always free/no ads. Love you guys!

Robert Liepe says:


Linda Marie says:

i make mine way bigger then that i fill out the whole cabbage leaf when company they only have a big one & their full with potatoes and veggies they love it i take a big roaster to cook the rools

Prezla men says:

That is not polis

Deni Demirovic says:

Sarma! 👍

AB says:

I have no idea how I stubled over this chanel, but I enjoyed watching this. We Hungarians make a LOT of cabbage rolls. One tip for softening the cabbage, we put some vinegar in the boiling water, so they wont overcook. This way, your first few leaves will be just as perfect as the rest behind them. One difference about softeningthe onions: we would add the garlic a little bit later to the onions, perhaps because our garden garllic is a bit different, I dont know, but they would get bitter. For most of our weddings in this area, rolled cabbage is tipically on the menu, (last dish before the wedding cake!) and making it it takes a lot of helping hands, as we make them really small. A leaf is cut in to 4 to6 pieces and is rolled up in a triangular shape. We also have two herbs in the dish, dill and summer savory. We too serve it with sour cream. Yummy.

Pitchwise Pitchkers says:

It is similar to a dish from Serbia and Balkans called "Sarma",except that leaves of cabbage are filled with mix of minced meat and rice with some spices and garlic of course,than cooked for few hours..In Turkey they use vine leaves and rice..

Donald Kelsey says:

That was really sweet of you to share your kitchen and recipe… Thank you!

Mark says:

everyone I quess has a different version. I get veal a=hamburger and sausage already mixed at the butcher.

rina melati says:

Very good and i can try tomorow

Renee B says:

Jenny Jones???
What the!!???
Her face looks amazing!

Norfolk250 says:

She always starts everything with onions and garlic —— she was raised right.

mrses44 says:

I'm going to try these out tomorrow! I think we'll love them.

vava nz2020 says:

Sarma? 🥰👍

Riva says:

Was wondering what Jenny Jones was up to lately! Glad to see this cause I enjoyed her TV show back in the day. Love her bright and coloful kitchen which matches her sweet voice and personality!

traktor works says:

probably the most well explained, sensible and intelligent cabbage roll recipe i have seen so far. also even though you dont use butter, as your dad did, adding a some small dollup of butter to the stuffing really kicks the enjoyable factor along to the finished rolls. also if tou run the boiled cabbage under the cold tap, bottum up so it cools quickly making it easy to handle when u separate the leaves always helps.

rick s says:

Love em! My step dad is Polish of course granma came over from Poland. One of my other favs are her perogi

Diane Weeks says:

Also a Polish girl here. At 81 I still like to cook for myself, been a widow for 33 years. I now make these deconstructed, still baked in my navy blue speckled roaster, but layered like a lasagna in two layers of cabbage, meat mix and sauce. Brings back old memories. My mom made them often, she lived to 100, been gone 10 years.

Adrian And says:

They are some kind of cabbage rolls, but defo you won't get anything like that in Poland

Dennis Rodgers says:

Nice video and well explained. Having grown up with some Polish neighbors it was always a treat to go over there and eat some fantastic food. Thanks

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