Ice Cream Review: Magnum Ice Cream Pints

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Virgil Francis Javier says:

Hey bro.. Can you do a vid about your tattoos?

Joy1977 says:

I hope you`ve got the newest Magnum flavour ,the Billionaire> It`s to die for!:)

Matthew Hendrickson says:

Have you had the red velvet one? I can't find it anywhere.

Jayシ︎ says:

Gonna get some today! 😀

Nick2580 says:

Interesting introduction

Venkateshwarulu Venkatesh says:

How many rupees

Alex T says:

I am from Singapore and we do not have this yet. I had a taste of the Kiwi One as my sister lives there and it was heaven. We only ever have the magnum bars and I tell you the Kiwi ones are the best. you can google them… Haven't had the stateside ones though but will next year when i visit a mate! thanks for the review

Aaron Lopez says:

I solved the bending spoons by simply using an ice pick.

Miranda Angelica says:

Loved the sea salt caramel flavor!!

Tessa Westling says:

thank u for this review it made my whole day

Moon Baby says:

The first flavor i bought of this when it first came out was razzberry was the best! Besf ice cresm brand magnum

in the half light says:

Raspberry was awesome!

Breanna Johnson says:

I love the double sea salt carmel flavor

Termino Dlamins says:

I had the berry flavor something like that and it was good and fun to eat from the crack pint/me gusta este helado este helado es bueno y divertido de comer

Brenda Cooper says:

I love magnum too 😘❤️♥️💕 💌😘❤️

I - says:

Why everyone says the hazelnut magnum taste like Nutella it doesn’t it taste like Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Exe Gamer says:

Ur a chubby little bastard

Marcia Lunardi says:

don't get raspberry.

Thanos Memes says:


Rue Stahl says:

Hey Family Food Dudge get a Better Camera and Stop giving everyone Motion Sickness everytime you try to show something up close. YOUR CAMERA SUCKS…!!!!

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