Festival of Family Classics – Rankin Bass

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Theme of the Rankin Bass Festival of Family Classics animated show, 1972.


Ricardo Huff says:

I always love Rankin Bass stuff, they did fairy tales too? I saw some of them and love them.

Gabriel DJ Atienza says:

Character designs by MAD artist Paul Coker!!

Keyblade Master Vanitas says:

Had this been done in Disney style it would be Walt Disney's Fantasy of Timeless Classics.

Mibevan says:

"Each classic creation, In new animation"
If by that you mean very choppy, bad animation then NO!
(love rankin bass)

Manuel Rincón Santander says:

This make me cry! I was 11 or 12 years old when I usually watched this cartoon saturdays afternoon. The classical tales of our chilhood, great pieces of literature for the children. The world that we would like to leave in heritage to our sons and grandsons.

Mauricio Mesa says:

this are on dvd

U L says:

Happy 50th Anniversary, Rankin/Bass Productions!

Savage Source says:

It was a part of my childhood. I've seen Robin Hood, Tom Sawyer, Paul Bunyan, Cinderella, Puss in Boots and The Christmas Tree.

kim 💕 says:

Aaaah I’ve finally found this! I got ten of these on a “ten movies of family fun” and I can only find the cover and not the dvds! I’ve been looking for years

Orlando Blackpana Bradfield says:

I remember watching this cartoon series in spanish on wednesday nights in the early 80's.

1992eylul says:

Under the Sea, Twenty Thousand Leagues were named cartoons. We have not watched a little while.

1992eylul says:

Great video. 👍👍👍

1stP3&10 says:

I like the waltzy rhythm.

Planet Pihl says:

i love stories fables myths legends and oth

enrimt says:

Last time I saw this was in 1979!!!! Thanks for this!!!

Angry glares rainbow dash says:

Well, That is a family classic,
this is family classics

moviefan 99 says:

There should be a complete series box set of this show on Blu Ray and DVD.

Bargoth Dragon says:

So, what story was the dragon in?

GazpachoMacho says:

I wish I had grown up watching these…

Dennis Harris says:

Does anyone know what day did this show come on in the 70s? I kinda remember it coming on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

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