From Omnivore to Vegetarian: my slow transition to Veganism // Story time + small introduction

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If you’re also in the transitioning process, what kind of struggles are you having?

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Vegan creators that helped me:
Cheap Lazy Vegan –
Healthy Crazy Cool –
Madeleine Olivia –
Mic the Vegan –

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Charlie Parker says:

This video is over a year old, only has 133 views, and is on a subject I don't watch any content about, why is it suddenly on my front age recommended?

Anyway, I am an ex vegan. I was only vegan for a little over a year, but before going vegan I was vegetarian for 8 years. Now I eat animal foods every day.

Look at this to learn why animal foods are the most nutritious foods on earth (therefore the healthiest, what is a healthy food if not a nutritious food?) –

How animals fat improves every heath measure –

And how animal agricultural is the ONLY regenerative way to farm and can reverse climate change and save the planet –

Hailey Bakes says:

I’m a vegetarian too

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