Legendary Vegan Dies at 104

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Sad news. Dr. Ellesworth Wareham has died at age 104. He was a vegan for well over 50 years and an acclaimed surgeon who retired at the age of 96!

It’s been a sad week for me–my cousin also died two days ago. I mentioned that in the first take of the video, but the audio failed and I didn’t mention it the second time around!


Pablo Beneyto says:

Whiche was his cause of death?

Susan From The Mountains says:

I'm thankful for this Dr.'s faith, and his vegan lifestyle example he's left with us, but I'm curious if anyone knows if he was taking any medications or never used any till he died.
Anyone know the answer to this?

XaNaX_ThE_CLoWn says:

Everyone saying he died because he was vegan. He lived to 104. Most people won't live past 80. And they eat meat. Shows you how brainwashed people are

William Smeds says:

Vegan or not, he was a legend. Respect the veterans.

hawaiisunfun says:

How did he die then? He said it wouldn't be through a heart attack and that he'd know what something would be.

hawaiisunfun says:

2:17 It's not the only blue zone in NA. The other one is in Costa Rica.

Vegan BroScience says:

A blessed man.R.I.P.

Ayuda a los animales ya says:

Pero por favor quiero saber exactamente qué comía este hombre. Qué medidas, qué proporciones, quiero saber su menú semanal exacto. Quiero seguir su menú semanal. Yo llevo diez años intentando ser vegana pero paso hambre. Hay algo que hago mal en mi dieta.

Pablo Gutierrez says:

un ejemplo!……..gracias por sus consejos….hasta siempre, no lo olvidaré

The Swedes Versus says:

104 yeah that's.. Very impressive to say the least.
Hat's off to Ellsworth Wareham.
God speed.

Miry Reina says:

"He (God) can take care of the universe, he can take care of me"…RIP Dr. 💜🙌

BeyondCycle says:

Much respect to this man!!!

Mihali’s B says:

Whoever disliked this is a moron 💩

Esoteric One says:

Very nice video…..respectful and honest. One love!

YouTube Bitch Center says:

“ legendary vegan dies at 104 from a severe case of veganism”

Mrs. Singh says:


Oscar Young jr says:

That’s a powerful testimony.

PlantBasedPassion says:

Great video, I'm looking forward to the 7th day Adventist vlog, I've always thought that their emphasis on diet was pretty interesting.

Yvonne says:

I shared the news (this article) on fb when I learned of his passing this morning. RIP beautiful soul ❤

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