One reason why I’m so zen is bc I’m no longer chronically constipated! If you know, you know😌 #Short

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Plant Based & Vegan Supplements And Guide :

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B M C says:

Plants are full of fibre and can absorb/block nutrients, their seeds are poisonous to a degree but are basically antinutrients which absorb nutrients but we can't process those seeds and so we excrete them.. Also, nutrient from plants are wrapped in cellulose which we cannot break down and are useless.

Plants are detoxing and rob our bodies!

We should really be drinking so much water or peeing often, our digestive system is no different than large cats and so we absorb most our liquid through our colons but thanks to modern diets we no longer do that which is why people on low carb or carnivore diets get diahrea for a week or two. We are not for high carb/fibre.

Glencoco39 says:

Yoo same! Haha though lately I've been a little too much of a junk food vegan, but still better than when I ate dairy for sure.

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