Top 10 Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials (2016 Funniest Ads)

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Top 10 Best & Funniest Super Bowl Commercials! (NFL Football The Big Game – Superbowl 50s best Ads) What video do you want to see next?

Song: Tobu – Hope
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Commercial’s Names & Brands
1. Snickers – Marilyn Monroe, Williem Dafoe
2. Hyundai – First Date W/ Kevin Hart
3. Coca Cola – Brotherly Love
4. Doritos – Super Bowl Baby
5. Taco Bell – Quesalupa
6. Coca Cola – Mini Hulk vs Ant Man
7. Buick – Ft Emily Ratajkowski
8. Heinz Ketchup – Wiener Stampede
9. T-Mobile – Drop The Balls With Steve Harvey
10. Toyota – Prius

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DK Graffiti says:

Mr.Beast bought the rights to TrendCraves videos and requested they be removed to knockout his channel to get more views on his own, as well as had Trend sign a non disclosure agreement that he wouldnt tell people why he did it or talk about it, That being the reason hes not. Mr.Beast also wanted Trend to spend more of his time on their videos and felt like his channel was taking viewers away, and taking up time that could be spent on Mr.Beast's channel. Thats how Trend dropped that big stack of cash for his parents and why his videos are gone and why hes not saying why.

Gadiel Pacheco says:

4:56 illuminati

Walker Hall says:

Just saying a Prius could not outrun a Dodge Charger with the police package.

Alex Ludavertigo says:


FictionalFactoids - says:

Why am I tearing up at a coke commercial? What has my life come to?

Water Cursed says:

The entire Quesalupa got a million times better because of the ''real football'' moment.
Mad respect. MAD.

Roulé says:

Love the wire cast of Prius. I love season 2!!

Mental🥰 says:

Couldn’t believe This use to be Nolan

Harry Bampton says:

The fact this is Nolan from Mrbeast

Heinman says:

Toyota and Buick just making fun of themselves

robert garza says:

The damaging resolution early jam because crawdad disconcertingly dislike inside a powerful greece. sleepy, tidy kimberly

Vicity says:

the called soccer football in a superbowl commercial

Monochromë et NUetralē says:

There's a Black version of the Coke(/Coca-Cola) brothers ad… That's the one I know.

Gift Baseme says:

the Prius was the best commercials
of them all

Marc N says:

That's a Buick?…..shame on them!!

Max Glen says:

8:20 when you get baby driver off wish

Slammed Media says:

I used to watch toy and mr Beas many years ago and now you work with him. Crazy

Andrew says:

heyyyy brother….. :,(

Rowan Montaño says:

Thanks to Prius I was able to complete multiple robberies and am now on America’s most wanted.

Fudgy Fudg says:

Hotdog army

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