Vegie Delights – Veggie Roast (Vegan Roast Review)

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Part 7 (and final Part )of my Veggie Delights! In this episode I review the Vegan Roast from Vegie Delights!

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Massel Beef Stock
Italian Mixed Herbs
Fresh Rosemary and Oregano
Little bit of Brown sugar

Liquid Smoke
Red wine
Soy Sauce
Worshire Sauce

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Vegie Delights:

Andrew Applepie


Summer Day says:

I made this, I made their suggested glaze on the packet, with similar ingredients. It was actually very nice. My main issue was my vegetables didn’t perfectly cook through after an hour in the oven. Potatoes and onions were ok but the carrots and sprouts were hard. I got mine from Woolworths online

scottyghouse says:

First vegan Chrissie this year for me, I now have dinner sorted. Thanks mate!

Souzanna Thornton says:

I love that I can hear your cat. Love cats.. have 5 of them

Ron Dalby says:

I use to buy them all the time but in the past 12-18 months we've had four of them go off (the inner plastic was swollen with gas) in the fridge (set at 2C) well before the use by date.

Adam T says:

for those who haven't tried the veggie delight range, they normally taste better than they look. And they can be quite filling.

heldvers says:

Just made this for Christmas today and it was brilliant. Thanks for saving me from having bland roster vegies for Christmas lunch this year!

keirabryson says:

just bought one of these bad boys. where do you get vegan beef stock?

Catherine Long says:

I might have to finally attempt a roast. Loving the cat meow in the background!

Elissa says:

Loved all these reviews dude! My fav roast is field roast 🙂

Marlee W says:

I had this for Christmas and cut up the leftovers and put it on pizza. So good.

E R says:

Looks delicious…

Jake Ewings says:

Love a veggie roast!

Allaine Francine says:

Looks absolutely delicious!!

Megan Lewis says:

Roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, roasted carrots with rice malt syrup and steamed broccoli… banging!

Mamuty says:

Feed your cat 😉

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