veg puff recipe | curry puff recipe | veg patties or vegetable puff recipe

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veg puff recipe | curry puff recipe | veg patties or vegetable puff recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular snack, very similar to pie is prepared from puff pastry sheets. in other words, the puff’s are prepared from special sheets known as puff pastry sheets which is a layered sheet and sandwiched with butter or dalda.

veg puff recipe | curry puff recipe | veg patties or vegetable puff recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the common snack recipe across all the south east asian countries, but the filling may differ from region to region. in india there are several varieties, including veg puff, egg puff, paneer puff and chicken puff recipe which is typically consumed as evening snack and even sometime as breakfast.


Shree Leisure Beat says:

Too long process. So much butter omg 😲

Vijay S V says:

The temp is incorrect. Needs to be atleast 175c.

doxtor says:

Did anyone try making this recipe at home? I am not able to make it crunchy like we get at shops and bakeries 😭

Sakchi Prasad says:

At what temperature do i need to preheat the oven

Mira Kitukale says:

This takes so much butter heebar

Aakarshan Singh Chadha says:

So much effort in a short 2 mins

Tanishka Satpute says:

How can we make without oven

Sucheesmita Mishra says:

Mere se nahi ho raha hai any tips pls. Layer nahi aaraha hai

Anantesh B says:

love puff from childhood


Are you from Karnataka

Radhakrishnan Sivaramakrishn says:

After watching your videos my interest now is cooking only. Thank you for sharing so many secrets

Manjula Ravindran says:

Do the shopkeepers put this much butter for the puff..are they find any alternative ways with less cost. .. I really wonder

likhitha bhavani says:


swati shrivastava says:

Please share puff aaloo Pettis (layers wali) ..Ya dough same

Beast YT says:

Beet root se taste ki….vaat

mia Khalifa says:

I searched panner puff 😥

Nandini says:

But I don't have oven ….is it possible to do this another way ??!!!!!!🥺🥺😔

Sai Sanketh says:

It's better to go bakery buy and eat

Savgun Kaur 6th D ✅ says:

Very nice 👍🏻👌👌….NO Faltu Intro 😊😅

Vinay Algot says:

Can we use Ghee in place of butter??

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