WILDLY GOOD Veggie Sausage Range | Taste Test

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Wildly Good now has a range of veggie based sausages. How do they taste though?

Wildly Good are shaking up the market with some vegan sausages, but they are VEGETABLE based!

It’s actually refreshing to see that these sausages are not like the typical mock meat that most brands are currently releasing.

They are $6 and currently available in Woolworths supermarkets.

Have you tried these before? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Tracey Costa says:

I saw another you tuber get these in their grocery haul but I couldn’t find them where I am. Will look into it though as I’d love to try them. I’ve had the wildly good burger patties, love the beetroot n black bean ones. They also do other products but I’ve not tried any yet. Thanks for the review.

Ren Atkins says:

Thanks Jack, these look really good so we’ll have to give them a go. We haven’t been super happy with any of the sausages we’ve tried so far, and I think it might be because they’re trying to replicate meat.

Hayley says:

I've tried the burger patties but if these are new I'm keen to try they don't look as processed as other types of vegan products.

Cecilia Fish says:

Beetroot and cauliflower are the two flavours that I eat everyday!!!

Yuh Min says:

I tried the beetroot one before, I like it a lot! They taste very healthy and good texture🌱🌱

Ryan Ellis says:

Interesting that you say disliking beetroot makes you a bad Aussie, plus a lot of 'Aussie' burgers will feature beetroot, I wonder how it's become a thing associated with this country.

LF says:

I've only tried the pumpkin ones and they were fantastic. I will have to give the others a try

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